Manhattan is one of the oldest dining cities in the state of New York. The city is well known for producing the best steak in its beautiful ancient restaurants. The steak is one of the old-school American fine dining meat meal, especially the dry-aged rib-eye, paired with oversized portions of creamed spinach. Since time immemorial, the city of Manhattan has been loaded with antique steakhouses. These steakhouses restaurants still hold historical appeal up to date and keep offering the best quality steak. As a matter of fact, some of them have been sold to new owners through expert realtors like luxury real estate brokers in Manhattan, NYC. To skip the mumbo jumbo, below are some of the oldest steakhouses in Manhattan, which also goes by the name of “borough of New York City”:

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  1. 1762 -1767 Fraunces Tavern

This steakhouse started sometime back between 1762 and 1767 in lower Manhattan. At first, the restaurant was only serving ale and other different kinds of food. The steakhouse restaurant was in a historic building that was very prominent to the citizens of on New York. The tavern continues to serve its best colonial-style shepherd’s pie and tomahawk steaks.

  1. Old Homestead Steakhouse

It is one of the oldest steakhouses operating in the United States up to date, offering high-quality steak. The restaurant was established in 1868 in Manhattan. It is a unique restaurant that specializes in perfection and innovation when it comes to meat. What’s more, the savory comes out fast and very fresh, making it an awesome joint to give a try.

  1. Keens Steakhouse

The restaurant was named after the person who founded it, Albert Keen, back in 1885. It is and has up to now, been recognized as the world king of mutton chops and a perfect place to have a steak dish. The steakhouse is well known to soothe the cockles of the heart by its sumptuous steak dish. The roasted ribs of beef and well-boiled ham steak make everyone who tastes it to feel much more contented than anything served elsewhere.

  1. Gallaghers Steakhouse

This steakhouse is positioned in an unofficial Manhattan landmark and was started way back in 1927 as a speakeasy. At first it was a club, unfortunately, during that time it was prohibited and, therefore, acted as a hidden spot to get a drink. Approximately in the 1930s after the probation era ceased, it was converted into the now popular Gallaghers Steakhouse, which specializes in serving some of the best meat pie and steak in town. They serve the world’s finest prime steaks that are stockpiled and left to be aged and to tender for at least 21 days, thus the name dry-aged beef. The steakhouse offers skillfully sliced, old-school beef at tableside trolleys, making it one of the best places to try for Manhattan steak lovers.

  1. Smith & Wollensky

This is another steakhouse restaurant located in Manhattan, also known for its sweet steak sauce. The high trained chefs are renowned for deglazing the beef steak with fire, which makes much more impressive than anything else. It was opened in 1977 and is one of the most consistent and celebrated beef houses in Manhattan. They are known in offering the best classic, distinguished appearance and still deliver on a finely cooked dry-aged steak. The Colorado rib steak and the prime rib are some of the offerings that make it one of the best old steakhouses to try.


If you love steak, you can never go wrong in Manhattan. From the above-listed restaurants, you will find simplicity, the tradition where it is valued, and huge mastery of cooking steaks, as well as quality that exceeds your expectations. You just might be about to get to try a steak meal experience you’ve never tasted before.