According to a recent homeowner survey, scorpions are the scariest pests in homes because of their ability to sting. Most scorpions in the U.S are found in the Southwest regions of the country. However, it does not mean that they are limited to these locations exclusively.

Scorpions come in all shapes and sizes and are mostly found in new homes, especially the ones that are built a little far from the metropolitan areas. The usual culprit of a scorpion breakout is the vegetation around the homes that are built in developing neighborhoods.

If you ever encounter a scorpion in your home, you must proceed with extreme caution. Although not all scorpions have deadly venom, there at least a few species whose sting can result in a fatality. This is why it is important to keep your family safe from pests.

When you encounter a scorpion, your first move should be to capture it in a container, making sure you are wearing protective clothing and gloves. From there on, you can take many steps, including working with responsible pest control services, to stop scorpions from re-entering your home, as they can come back rather easily. Make sure to look for reputable scorpion control az services (or wherever is needed), no matter the severity of your infestation.

Kill The Source Of The Scorpions

Scorpions are mostly attracted to places that have a medium to a large population of crickets and roaches. To stop other scorpions from entering your home, make sure you eradicate the population of crickets and roaches in your home. With responsible pest control, you can easily get rid of other small insects that are food for these scorpions.

Block All Entrances

Scorpions are nocturnal creatures. They usually come out in the dark looking for food or a mate during the summer season. As soon as the sun goes down, these pests can come out at large. This is when they most likely enter your home. To prevent them from coming to your home, make sure all the small cracks in walls, fences, concrete, expansion joints, and rocked walls are tightly blocked. They will never be able to enter your home if these cracks are well protected.

Clear Puddles Outside Your Home

If you’re in an area where rain is abundant, chances are that you usually have puddles of water outside your home. Scorpions love water, especially if they can’t find anything to eat. These pests can live for months just on water. So make sure there are no puddles outside your home.

Hire Pest Control Professionals

If you fear your scorpion problem is out of control, get in touch with a responsible pest control service. These professionals have the right tools and pesticides to kill scorpions at the source. With them treating your home, you can live in peace for many months to come.

Never ignore the problem if you encountered only a single scorpion in your home. If a scorpion made it to your home, there is a huge chance that they are nesting near your home in large groups of 20-30 scorpions. A reliable pest control service can help detect these nests so you are left free and safe from this problem.