I was very excited when I received a 23andMe test for my birthday this year!  Even though I already took an Ancestry.com DNA test, I wanted to compare my results and also see if I had DNA matches with relatives.

See the test process that I did (here).

First, a quick peek at my AncestryDNA results:

AncestryDNA - Marysa

One of the things I was curious about was whether or not the results between AncestryDNA and 23andMe would be the same!

I sent out my 23andMe test in January and got my results this February 2019.

23andMe Ancestry

Obviously my results were similar, but not exact, so that is interesting. Even my AncestryDNA test changed with some updates they made in 2018, so my guess is that the testing and results are evolving.

In addition to the ancestry test, I received some other results.

23andMe Neanderthal

My kit also included a health component.  You can purchase the kit with or without it.  Since I was adopted by my grandmother, I don’t know much about possibly family health issues.  From my results, there wasn’t much that came up.


Visit 23andMe here.

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