One of the reasons why parents enroll their children in daycare Cambridge centers is because both of them are busy at work. Most of the time, professionals suggest that parents enroll their children in a daycare center. They say that the environment there helps in their kids’ development. But how true is it?

Below are some of the assumptions about the effects of day care and we’ll find out if they’re true or not.

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Children who attend day care have better results compared to those who don’t

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development conducted a study on the influence of the environment on both day care and home-based child care. There were over a thousand developing children involved. The study showed that there was no difference whether or not their children attended day care centers. It also showed that family characteristics had greater impact on the children’s development. 

In short, children who are cared for at home have the same results with children who attend day care. Whether or not a child attends day care, it is still the family that impacts the development more. That’s because parents’ interactions with the child play an important factor when it comes to development.

Day care centers in Cambridge are better for children’s development than home-based day care settings

This is both true and false. The study compared children who went to day care centers and children who didn’t. They found out that children who attended day care have:

  • better language and cognitive development
  • better pre-academic skills with numbers and letters
  • fewer behavioral problems at the age of 2 to 3
  • more behavior problems at the age of 4 ½

In this case, both home-based child care and center-based child care have pros and cons.

Most day care centers are of high quality

There are day care centers that are of high quality,but not all of them are. A quality daycare centre for toddlers Newmarket has exceptional qualities to ensure children’s development. Daycare centers should provide a setting for children with a warm and supportive environment. This is to ensure the protection of the children. Unfortunately, not everyone receive caregiving that stimulates or promotes development.

As a matter of fact, the study showed that only about one third of day care centers encourage kids’ cognitive, language, and social development. Before choosing a day care center, there are a lot of things to consider. As a parent, you need to make sure that the staff of the day care center shows a positive attitude. You should also see to it that they have a positive physical contact with your kids. The staff should attend to your kids’ needs. Whenever there are activities, they should encourage your kids to participate.They should also discourage negative interactions.

Regulated/licensed day care centers have better quality child care compared to home-based day care

There are minimum standards that are outlined by the government. These are known as regulable features. These include factors like the staff-to-child ratio, the number of children, the training the caregiver underwent, etc.

The study shows that children in day care centers that met more standards tend to have better results that children in day care centers that met fewer standards. They also found that the more standards the center meets, the better the results are. That being said, regulated day care centers provide more positive caregiving. This means that children can benefit more from this kind of quality care.

Children who go to high quality day care centers have better results compared to those who attend in lower quality day care centers.

We know that family and home environment impact the development of the child more than the day care does. At the same time, the truth is that many of the children go to day care centers. The study shows that children in high quality day care centers:

  • Have better language, cognitive, and social development.
  • Have better school readiness. This means that they already have more experience in reading, writing, and counting.

When you choose a Daycare Cambridge center, quality should be prioritized.

Children with special needs have better results when enrolled in a day care center

This assumption is incorrect. According to the study, children with the risk of developmental disabilities who are enrolled in day care centers did not do any different compared to those who are at home. In addition to that, they found out that children with special needs who received caregiving at home had better results.

Children with special needs will benefit from increased hours in day care centers

Sometimes, parents of children with special needs wonder if it’s necessary to increase the number of hours their kids spend in the day care. But does it help boost children’s development? According to the study, the amount of time spent in the day care center didn’t affect the results.

Does sending our children to a daycare Cambridge center help in their development? Yes and no. Why? That’s because not all day care enters have the same qualities. One is always better than the other. We can’t expect all of the centers to have the same results. How do we make sure that we choose the right daycare for our children? Below are some tips.

  1. Never assume that all of the day care centers in Cambridge are of high quality. Make sure you do your homework as a parent. Never settle for anything less than what your children deserve.
  2. Consider the benefits and the drawbacks when choosing a daycare center in Cambridge versus a setting based at home.
  3. Make sure to check it the day care center is regulated. Regulated centers are most likely the ones you can confidently send to. That’s because their staff are known to provide higher quality care to children.
  4. Look for signs of positive caregiving. Always observe the language the staff is using. This is often linked to positive results and high quality care.

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