Minimalism focuses on clean lines and sleek silhouettes, which can make you appear effortlessly stylish day after day. However, adopting the stripped-back style can be anything but easy, as it is how you both wear and pair the clothing that will determine whether you can master the sought-after austere look.

To ensure you ooze chicness and sophistication in 2019 and beyond, read the following five tips for mastering minimalistic fashion.

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  • A Unique Twist on Clothing Staples

To add much-needed interest into your look, find classic staple clothing items that feature an unexpected cut or detail. For example, a plain white tee can be a little dull, but an unusual design can grab people’s attention for all the right reason. A different design will prove you have an unconventional, chic look and a great eye for detail.

Plain tees in various colors also work if you want to have plenty of style options and dress according to your mood. You can accessorize your plain shirt with a jacket, a scarf, a hat, or jewelry to elevate your look.

  • Don’t Fear Accessories

Accessories and minimalism might sound like an oxymoron, but it is essential to add a statement piece to an outfit to give it some much-needed personality and make a style statement. However, you must always abide by the concept of selecting simple, subtle and structural styles when choosing accessories.

Don’t be afraid to go big when selecting various cuff bracelets or necklaces, while hoop earrings are a great option for those who appreciate simplicity. Also, gold and silver accents can complement both neutral and muted colors to develop a chic style.

  • Play with Proportions and Volume

Throw everything you know about both proportions and balance out of the window when developing a minimalistic look this season. Never be afraid to adorn an asymmetrical jacket with a unique cut or wear an oversized coat that offers a boxy silhouette. Experimenting with volume and proportion will help you to master minimalism like a pro.

  • Love Layers

Layers are the heart of minimalism, as it is about adding more dimensions onto a simple, clean look. It is a must-try during chilly weather, as you can pair bagging trousers with a skin-tight top and a stunning jacket, such as a Chesterfield overcoat or a duffle coat UK womens. Also, take your look to the next level by harmonizing various neutral colors into an outfit, as a monochromatic color scheme will appear both elegant and interesting.

  • Add Texture to an Outfit

Many people make the mistake of focusing on color schemes or unusual patterns when shopping. Yet, if you want to add intrigue, personality, and elegance into your look, you should looking intoadding texture into an outfit. For example, utilize contrasting textures by pairing ruffles with wool, silk with pleats, or drapes with knits. Doing so will ensure you develop a distinctive look that will help you to stand out in a crowd.


Minimalism requires more than throwing together various monochromatic staple pieces. It is abouthoming in on details, carefully matching colors together, and utilizing texture and volume to develop a clean, simple yet eye-catching look that proves you have a keen eye for fashion.