The best solution to display the US national flag in front of your home is to get a simple easy to install, easy to handle flag pole. Telescopic flag poles are the best solution for this. That’s because they are easy to use and you do not need ropes to haul the flag.

A telescopic pole for flags

What is the ideal telescopic pole, what exactly is a telescopic pole? Well, a telescopic pole actually expands and closes just like a telescope. It’s the same mechanism. The pole tapers toward the tip when fully expanded. It’s made of many small parts of the pole, the lowest part being the widest in girth and the topmost part being the narrowest in girth, and the intermediate parts gradually gets smaller in girth as you go upwards.

Each part gets inside its lower part when you collapse them to close or contract the pole. And when you open or retract the pole the innermost part which forms the tip is hauled upward first, followed by the rest of the parts. As you go on retracting, the pole gets to full size while every part gets interlocked to its previous part through a nice interlocking mechanism. No need of a push button or other command is necessary. A simple turning of the pole part in half circle does the job, and this simple mechanism also keeps the pole erected for as long as you want. No wind or rough weather can bend the pole because of the stiff and secure interlocking parts held together.

Benefits of getting a telescopic pole for flag display

Telescopic flag poles are the best residential solutions for flag display. That’s because the mechanism of a telescopic pole actually helps in closing and retracting the pole so smartly, easily, and in no time, that you would be amazed. The ease of use, the maintenance-free design, the simple interlocking that is so secure, and the absence of an ambiguous mechanism for flag fastening and hoisting like a rope, makes it really attractive a solution. A simple swivel ring that holds the two ends of the flag fastened to the pole helps the flag display ideally and also swivels and avoids wrapping of the flag along the pole in high wind. The flag simply swivels to change direction but does not wrap around the pole.

This means displaying a flag in an in an interlocking pole is just about pulling up the pole to retract and unlock the sleeves in the process, and in the process fasten the flag to the swivel through the clips. That’s it, and it’s so easy to use. To get the best residential telescoping flagpole, look for a pole made of lightweight material like aluminum which retards rust and also is maintenance free, and needs no paint or extra coat for protection from the weather.


You can order telescopic flag poles online now, and also can book for the installation online, that make the path of deciding to get a flag pole to see the flag fluttering beside the house, really easy and hassle-free.