Moving without kids can be stressful but making a move with kids can be much worse. The last thing most children and teenagers want to do is leave their current area, as they have built quite a few friendships. The fear of moving to a new place and being a new kid at school is another thing that needs to be considered. Taking a proactive approach about making sure the kids are ready to move is important. Moving is a stressful process, so keeping everyone with a positive outlook can make the move so much easier. You will also have to get yourself ready for the move, whether it’s settling into a new job or creating a social circle in your new location. The following are tips that will help the entire family get ready for the move.

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Research Your New Area Before Telling The Kids

Telling your kids that you are moving to a different city or state could be the hardest part of the moving process. Moving a few miles down the road will not be as difficult to break to the children. Doing the appropriate research about the new location that you are moving to is imperative. For example, you might discover that the new location has better high school sports teams, which could be appealing to a teen athlete. Take the time to list out things that the new location offers that your current location does not. The kids will still be a bit sad to leave their friends, but seeing the positive aspects of moving can help them accept your decision.

List The Home Priced To Sell

The last thing that you want as a family is to be financially stressed immediately after moving. This could be the case if the home selling process drags itself out due to the home being priced unrealistically. Carrying two mortgages can immensely impact the quality of life that your family has during the first few months in your new residence. Starting out struggling is no way to get the children settled in their new home. Understanding the housing market is not as complicated as many people think, as sites like Zillow can allow a person to see how similar homes in the area were priced. A realtor can also help with this, as they want to close a sale yet want the home to sell for the best price possible to maximize commission.

Prep For Home Inspection

The home inspection is a make or break time when selling a home as certain repairs like that of a roof can scare a buyer away. This can also be expensive for the seller if it is asked to be replaced so having a roofer repair this before the inspection can save you thousands of dollars. Tuning up the air conditioning is important as well, as this can a large chunk of change to fully replace versus pay for regular maintenance. The home inspector will be thorough. Trying to hide repairs that need to be done will not work. Take care of the repairs that you can do on your own or with the help of an affordable handyman.

Slowly Start Packing Up Certain Items

The packing process should be done slowly but surely as having to uproot the entire family in a day or two will add to the stress of everyone. Packing up things like winter clothes during a home sale in the summer can be done immediately, since there won’t be any use for these clothes for a few months. Moving companies can make this process easier as you get closer to your move, but can make things difficult if you want to unpack yourselves. Putting these things in storage is an option so you can get rid of some of the clutter when showing your house that is for sale. Make sure to contact different moving companies & check their quotes & reviews. And I select the most affordable or cheap movers near me with lots of good reviews. Your moving experience will be less stressful by selecting the right moving company.

Schedule Visits With Your Child’s Friends If Moving Out of State

The largest issue that the kids are going to have is leaving their friends that they have made. Scheduling visits if you are moving out of state a few times a year can help keep these friendships alive. With all of the video chat platforms they can also stay close with these friends for years to come. Discuss this with the parents of the friends of your child as they might be able to visit your new home and your child stay with them for a week over the summer. This will help quell concerns about losing friends due to moving far away which will be the concern of certain children.

Moving is going to be hard with kids but it is important to stress how it will positively change the quality of life of the entire family. This does not mean that it will not be stressful but it can really change the energy of the family when it comes to the move!