It is so valuable for families to spend quality time together, bonding and enjoying one another’s company. It’s also very important that everyone in our family has a great home life. In this busy, highly connected world it often feels like we spend more time with our faces behind computer, tablet and smartphone screens, and it really is to the detriment of our most important relationships. That’s why as families, we have to be intentional about spending time together and making it a regular thing.

One of the best ways for us to spend quality time with our families is by creating one unified space where we can all be together, and do something we can all enjoy. The dining room table shouldn’t be the only place we see each other altogether. It has been shown that the healthiest and happy families spend time doing enjoyable activities together. If you’re trying to think of the best ways for your family to spend time together, consider a family room, a space where you can make memories, watch movies together and even do a family games night. This space can truly become the center of the home and something that promotes the feeling of togetherness.

So how do you create a family room in your home? How do you design and decorate it, and what items do you need to include in it? Read on for some ideas and inspiration for creating a family home you, your spouse and kids will cherish.

Home Living Room Couch


Your family room has to be a place of comfort and fun for everyone in your family, and you have to consider the purpose you want it to have for your family. Do you want it to be a gaming room, a TV viewing room or a place where you can have more conversations? If you want it to be a pure entertainment space, get comfortable seating for everyone, a big screen TV and a great sound system. You can even use a projector screen you can easily roll up when you don’t need it. If it’s a game space, make sure it’s set up with a large table for tabletop games, and great positioning if you want it to be a video gaming space.


Family rooms have to be functional, people need to be able to move freely through them so one of the first things you need to do is get rid of any unnecessary clutter in the space. You can either move things to other parts of the house, donate, sell and even put in storage. According to Portland storage company, Livible, “storage is a great option for when you need to declutter but you still feel like you might need the items a little later. When you need those things later they can easily be brought back to you.” Also consider making the family room a multi-functional space if you don’t have a lot of space. You can make it a room that can easily get converted into a home office, or a playroom. That way, you get more out of one space without needing a bigger home.

Look and Feel

The best rooms to spend time in look good to us, so design is also important in creating a great family room. Use warm inviting colors and great features to make it a place even your kids want to be in. Put your family’s unique stamp on the room with photos, and even getting your own family hashtag on a banner and putting that in the room as well. Even consider giving people designated seats that they can personalise with name banners as well. You can make this a fun project for everyone.

A family room can truly become the heart of the home, and something you build your family activities around. It will make your spouse and you bond with your kids better, and help your kids bond with each other. Consider it a great new project that will improve the quality of life for the whole family.