Scrapbook Paper Christmas Tree

This is an easy holiday craft, and kids can get creative with how they assemble their tree.  The materials are easy to find each tree can be very unique.

Materials needed:


Scrapbook paper (double-sided)

Green paper

Glue Stick

Materials for star 

Depending on the age of the kids doing the craft, you can determine what needs to be done ahead of time or what the kids can prepare on their own.

Start by rolling a piece of green paper into a cone, and glue in place.

Cut scrapbook paper into pieces measuring approximately 1″ x 3″.

Christmas Tree Scrapbook

Wrap the paper strip around a pen, pencil, or marker to give it a curled shape.

Attach to the cone using glue, glue dots or even tape.

This is an easy craft that kids can get very creative with!

Christmas Tree