It is the time when trees are lit, and Christmas carols start playing. It is also the time for parties! With regards to the latter, forget about binge drinking and fancy dinners! We will not talk about that in this post! Instead, what we will be discussing would be the basics of planning a Christmas party that is kid-friendly. It can be a bit of a challenge especially for first-timers, but it is doable.

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Start with the Invites

We are living in a digital era, so there is no need to print out an actual invitation unless you would like to go old school and personal. Instead, you can send an e-invite. You can send it through email or even through chat or social media accounts. It will also be good to make the invite multipurpose. Aside from including the details of the party, why not include funny Christmas card messages and short Christmas greetings?

Plan the Menu

What is a Christmas party without food? The good thing is that you do not need to be fancy. In fact, it is better if you keep things simple. Prepare foods that will tickle their taste buds. Most of them will love anything sweet, so be sure to have cakes and candies ready. Hotdogs, marshmallows, pizza, gingerbread cookies, and muffins will also be stars of the party.

Host Games

More than the food, the party will not be complete without games. Think of Christmas party game ideas that will make kids have a good time or fun Christmas games where the parents can participate. The games should be appropriate for the average age of the kids who will be attending the party. To encourage the little ones to participate in the game, it is also important to prepare prizes. If the price entices them, they will be volunteering to play the game!

Go Caroling

This is one of the best Christmas party activities for kids. It is something unique but will surely be memorable. Before serving the food, consider taking the group of kids around the neighborhood. Go door to door and spread the holiday vibes. Make sure that the kids are supervised and that they stay safe.

Decorate the Place

The right setting can do a lot to set the mood for the party. With this, take the time to decorate the venue to be sure that kids will love it. It is a good idea to use edible decors that kids can also enjoy, including candy canes and a gingerbread house.

Party with a Purpose

This is not meant to spoil the fun, but it teaches a valuable lesson that kids can take with them when they grow up. Rather than hosting a lavish party, why not use the money to help other people? Take the kids to a charity event. You can also ask kids to bring things that they no longer need, which they want to give to the unfortunate.

Take note of the things mentioned above to effortlessly pull off an epic party for kids this holiday season!