Parenting is one of the most dynamic jobs you’ll have, and everyone’s approach is different. So many factors influence the decisions you make along the journey such as your upbringing, the kind of advice you get and also your maternal instincts. Throughout parenthood, you’re likely to spend a lot of time making decisions about the type of items you should buy and observing what’s best for your baby. To ensure their little ones look after the world around them and don’t leave as large of a carbon footprint as those who walked before them, many parents are learning to be eco-friendlier. On that note, find out how you can embrace this particular parenting style in the following article.

Try Cloth Diapers

As a parent with a baby or toddler that hasn’t yet started using the toilet independently yet, you should think about trying cloth diapers if you don’t use them already. It’s a way of helping the environment by reducing the number of diapers that end up floating in landfills. Cloth diapers are also convenient because you can throw them in the washer and reuse them which saves you money.

Make Your Own Wet Wipes

As with diapers, wet wipes are another item that takes a toll on the environment, and they can often also contain harsh chemicals which can be harmful to your baby’s delicate skin as well. For this reason, think about making your own wipes as it would be eco-friendlier. To make homemade baby wipe solutions, combine oil, soap, water, and essential oils.

Also, consider making your own washable wipes out of soft organic fabrics you have around the house. Alternatively, reduce usage by cutting wipes in half or washing your baby under water before changing their diaper.

Buy Green Brands

Often, what makes one item eco-friendlier than another is the materials that are used and how it’s made. To support eco-friendly businesses and make sure you’re doing your part to better the environment, try buying green brands.

Wash Less

Too much laundry could mean using tons of water and chemicals depending on the kind of detergent you use. You may be wondering how you can avoid laundry when you have a baby that spills something on their clothes every 2.5 seconds. To wash less frequently, remember to inspect their clothes before tossing them into the wash. Also, ensuring your child wears clothing protection, such as a bib, frequently will prevent as many spills staining their clothes. You might also find that changing their clothes a few more times a day makes them less likely to get dirty, so they can wear them again before needing to be washed.

Get Fresh Air

There are so many benefits of spending time outside with your baby, and that’s for both of you! For one, it can help increase your vitamin D levels if there’s enough sunlight hitting your skin. Also, in terms of how it helps the environment, you’ll be saving energy at home which again, saves you money and helps the world around you too.