Winter Snow

When winter comes and the temperatures drop, it can get just a little bit harder to find fun events for your family to do together, and to keep the kids occupied. You can’t just send the kids outside to play without bundling them up, and staying entertained indoors without just constantly watching TV can be a challenge. But you can still have fun together as family in winter! Here are a few fun family outing ideas for the winter season.

Go on a home tour of Christmas lights

In the holiday season, chances are there are a few houses either on your block or in a close by neighborhood that go all out with Christmas lights and decorations. Load the family into the car and head out on a Christmas decoration-viewing adventure. It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit and enjoy some family time together (from the warmth of your car).

You can continue the event from here by heading home to watch a Christmas or holiday movie as a family, and maybe even make some hot cocoa with extra marshmallow!

Go to a football game

If your family has a dedicated football team, a fun activity you can do as a family is going to a game together. Dress up in your best fan clothes and head to the local stadium. If temperatures are extra cold, or if you’d like to plan something above and beyond what you’d normally do, consider getting a box or suite to enjoy the game from. Almost all football stadiums offer suite packages that include food, drinks and more. The Mercedes Benz Stadium Suites is a great example of this (and a great family destination if you live near Atlanta Georgia!)

Go to an indoor ice rink

Ice skating is a great form of exercise and can be a great athleticism-builder for your kids. A fun activity that you can do as a family in the winter time is heading to your local ice-rink. Many regions offer outdoor skating areas, but an indoor ice rink can be a way to beat the elements if it’s especially cold where you live – you’ll just have the ice to deal with!

Decorate the house for the holidays

A great family activity, and probably one of the most cherished moments of the year for many families, is decorating your home for the holidays in the winter months. You probably have your traditions and classic decorations, but trying something new can be a lot of fun. For example, make paper snowflakes together and hang them around the house or in each child’s room. That way they can enjoy their personal handiwork in their own special room. If you celebrate Christmas, another fun, new idea is to get a small personal Christmas tree for each child to put in their room. They can even add their own decorations! Put some lights on it so they can fall asleep each night to the glow of a Christmas tree in their own room.