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Not many people would say the pride and joy of their home is in the carpet but they do play a major role in the overall aesthetics. You can immediately tell whether flooring has been taken care of or left to rot.

This article will contain some killer tips on how to maintain your carpet to make the most out of it over the years. By doing simple actions and getting into a good care regime, your carpet can regain its original quality and keep its longevity.

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Carpet Care

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Carpet Maintenance Tips

Sometimes all hope seems lost when it comes to carpets. If it has some life left in it or is fairly new, now is the best time to employ these tips.

  • Understanding your carpet

Knowing and understanding that every carpet is different and moreover requires different care is the starting point. There are four main types of carpet you can purchase for your home which are:

  • Wool
  • Olefin
  • Nylon
  • Polyester

Each has its own unique properties, benefits and ways to maintain it optimally. Examining which carpet you have and learning the best ways to clean it and which products it requires is essential to the best maintenance.

  • Get a doormat

Carpet Care

Image Source: Unsplash

Doormats are so important for the fact that they prevent dirt and grime from getting on your carpet. No matter what, invest in one and ensure your family is in the habit of removing their shoes before stepping on the carpet. This way you can prevent early discolouration and future carpet mishaps.

  • When you spill something, sort it

Don’t hesitate and wait around for something to settle into your carpet. The moment something is spilt you should get the cleaning products ready so the stain can have the best chance of removal.

  • Do a regular deep clean

Vacuuming regularly is important to maintaining the top quality of your carpets. On top of this, a steam may work wonders for your carpet and restore its fresh look. Keeping on top of the cleaning regime will help minimise stains and discolouration whilst giving your carpet a natural boost.

Deep extraction can also be another great way to get out dirt that is buried deep within your carpet. This goes beyond the eye and can be very hard to detect. This is why it’s important to do this regularly even if on the surface your carpet looks clean. Doing so can also remove dusts, pollen and debris dragged in from outside. Try your best to find gentle cleaning products whenever you can.

The above can help keep your carpet looking cleaner for longer. Getting into good habits will be great for your carpet as you watch it hold its quality over the years.