Image Source: Unsplash

There are plenty of things that attract spiders to your house, and that means there are ways to repel them, too.

Like other creatures, spiders need shelter and food. Spiders also like to see out other insects to feat upon, be it by hunting them or catching them in nests.

Let’s take a look at what could be attracting spiders to your home.

  • Other insects

As mentioned, spiders are attracted to other insects, which is their primary food source. While this may make them natural pest controllers, you still don’t want to be overrun by spiders in the home. Fortunately, Pest Free USA brings you electronic pest repeller to help repel spiders and other insects.

  • Temperature

A warm environment is attractive to spiders, which means they’re likely to seek shelter in your home during the colder months.

  • Water

While some spiders don’t necessarily require water, others do, and they’d far rather find it in your bathtubs and basins.

  • Rubbish

Domestic waste is a natural attraction for spiders. If you want to minimise the likelihood of a spider infestation, make sure you take your household rubbish outdoors or dispose of it regularly.

  • Dirty spaces

Sometimes, spiders come into your home to seek out dirty spaces. Regular vacuuming, dusting and sweeping can help to get rid of, and keep away, existing webs and eggs. An untidy and dirty house is a breeding ground for spiders.

  • Looking for somewhere to hide

If your house has good places for spiders to hide and where they can spin their webs and catch prey in peace, they’re going to find those spots. Spiders are highly attracted to dry, dark places that have little or even no traffic. You can try to discourage a spider infestation by getting rid of attractive hiding spots.

For instance, aim to keep boxes in your cupboards higher up and away from walls. Also ensure that boxes are always taped up so that spiders can’t get into them. You can also aim to eliminate clutter that collects dust and provides cosy nooks and hiding spaces for spiders to spin webs and await unsuspecting insects.

You Might Have Brought The Spiders In From Somewhere Else

If you’ve never had a spider problem in your home before, and you suddenly notice spiders starting to take up residence, you might have brought them in yourself. You may not have realized you did so, but if you’ve moved plants from outside or bought in firewood and other outdoor items, it’s entirely possible that spiders have hitched a ride indoors. They may even be getting in via storage boxes from the garage or a storage facility.

Spiders may well be good at taking care of other insects, but you probably don’t want an infestation in your home. Talk to the professionals about electronic pest repellent today to find out how you can keep spiders and other insects out.