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As much as I am active, I also spend a lot of time sitting, mostly while I am doing computer work.  I have a hard time staying comfortable when I sit, either being on a hard chair or lounging on the couch, and I am trying to have better posture and comfort while I sit.

I recently discovered the Musta Buckwheat Hulls Cushion.  Years ago I had a buckwheat pillow, so I was looking forward to trying out the cushion, since it is different from what we have been using.  If you aren’t familiar with buckwheat hulls, they are a product of buckwheat grains.

Musta Buckwheat Cushion

There are so many synthetic materials out there, so it is nice to have something that is eco-friendly.  Not only is buckwheat eco-friendly, but it has a lot of other benefits.  The hulls are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, plus they stay cool and offer good ventilation.  Buckwheat hulls have been used for thousands of years, even used by Zen Buddhists in their pillows.

Musta Buckwheat Cushion

Right away I liked how the pillow was designed, with channels to keep the buckwheat evenly distributed, and texture to keep the pillow from slipping and to feel good against your skin.

Musta Buckwheat Cushion

I use my Musta Buckwheat Hull Cushion on a wooden chair.  It makes the chair comfortable and also encourages me to have good posture.  It has a solid feel, but conforms just enough to provide a nice surface to sit on.

musta buckwheat cushion

The pillow has a handle on it, which is convenient – I can totally see myself bringing this to sports events so that I don’t have to sit on metal bleachers for hours.  It makes it easy to transport, whether you use it for the car or for other travel.

Musta Pillow

This is a great product for anyone.  It is useful for everyday use, or for someone who sits a lot.  I think it is particularly useful for those who experience things like sores from prolonged sitting, and was actually designed by someone who uses a wheelchair.

Musta Buckwheat Cushion

This is a great chair cushion that is so useful in many ways.  It is very well-made and is a great for both home and travel.


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