How you sleep each night and the number of hours you sleep has a huge impact on your body.  You need quality sleep so as to stay focused and awake every time you start a new day. Unhealthy sleeping habits can affect your sleeping patterns and the normal function of various body parts such as your weight, brain as well your immunity. They can also result in exhaustion and tiredness. Here’s a look at four ways to get the best night’s sleep of your life.

Have a sleeping time

Decide on the time you will be sleeping every night, especially focusing on times when your body and brain are tired and you need to rest. Have a daily sleeping time that you can stick to so that your body adjusts to it for sound sleep. In the event that you must change your sleep patterns, make a slight change with just a few minutes difference. In case you are not able to sleep well, you can supplement sleep during weekends, by sleeping in. This will cover the time lost during the weekdays.

Choose a comfortable sleeping position and bedding

While sleeping it is good to have a sleeping position that does not cause body pains such as back or neck pains. Whether you prefer to sleep on your stomach, back or side, find a sleeping position that is comfortable. If you like sleeping with pillows, buy pillows that are puffy and soft. There are different types of pillows that are good and comfortable enough to support your neck.

For more comfort, ensure that you first take a warm bath before going to bed. If the weather is cold, wear some socks to keep your feet warm throughout the night. Socks also help in dilating blood vessels and allow blood circulation.   


To sleep well you need to reduce any chances of developing insomnia. With regular exercises, you can improve the quality of your sleep and sleep more. Take morning and evening walks or short workouts to keep your body active.  However, limit the intensity of the exercises, especially if you will be working out in the evenings to avoid making it difficult to sleep due to straining.

Dim the lights and reduce noises before bedtime

Set up a sleeping mood before going to bed. This is by reducing the amount of noise that gets to your ears before you sleep by reducing any surrounding noise or light. Wear an eye mask to cover your eyes from excess light while sleeping. Excess light affects your sleep.

You will also not be able to comfortably sleep in an environment with extreme temperatures which can either be a hot or cold environment. Ensure that the environment is cool and quiet to make it conducive for you to sleep peacefully.

Try and read a book, take short naps or listen to soothing music to relax your mind.

Eat the right and healthy foods at night to promote healthy digestion and enable you to sleep soundly. Avoid taking in heavy meals just before going to bed. Light foods such as lean protein and those with carbohydrates like potatoes are ideal. Do not take any alcohol before going to bed.