Most people are looking for ways to boost their savings, but it can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Often the hardest part is getting started! If you have a savings goal in mind, that can help motivate you to make the necessary changes to your habits and get on track. We have gathered together some small steps you can take. Follow these tips, and you will be able to watch your savings grow:

Delete Debt from Your Life

Debt is expensive! You can end up paying far more in interest than you borrowed in the first place. Stop using your credit cards today, and work a payment plan to get rid of any amount owing. If your fridge breaks down or you have an unexpected medical expense, small loans with low interest are a smarter way to cover the gap. Search for a loan with flexible and affordable repayments, that you know you can squeeze into your budget.

Take Your Lunch

It is easy to spend $10 a day on buying lunch at work, maybe more if you work in a major city. By taking a packed lunch, you could save around $2400 a year. That goes a long way towards paying off credit card debt or saving for a vacation! Find something that you enjoy, so there isn’t too much temptation. Some people might pack a sandwich and an apple, others find that leftovers from last night’s dinner are a quick and delicious option.

Cut Your Bills

By researching the deals between different utility providers, you could reduce your monthly bills across the board. Take a magnifying glass to your phone and electricity bills, as well as your insurance providers.  Go through your monthly subscriptions and remove what you can.  For example, cut out cable and figure out ways to watch TV for free instead.

You also need to make sure that you pay by the due date to avoid costly late fees! Some providers even often a reasonably substantial discount for making your payment on time. Once you have checked your bills, it is also worth making a phone call to your bank and seeing if they are offering you the best mortgage rate.

Check Your Fridge and Pantry Before You Shop

Do you find yourself discarding a lot of food each week? The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that 30-40% of global food production is lost or wasted annually.

Next time you are planning your shopping list, make sure you do it in the kitchen and double check what you have on hand. If you have a Burrito Kit that is about to expire, plan a Mexican Monday this week! Did you find some sad, wilted vegetables in the fridge? How about some delicious soup?

Eat Less Meat

Buying meat each week can dramatically increase the cost of your weekly shop. Even if you are not ready to become a vegetarian, there are lots of ways to reduce your spending on meat. Try bulking out dishes like Bolognese with lots of grated carrots and zucchinis, some shredded spinach, and you will have a healthier and more cost-effective meal without altering the taste much. Likewise, adding beans to those Burritos you are planning can make it stretch much further for minimal additional expense or effort.

Tip Yourself

Saving money can seem difficult sometimes, so start small. Try putting the change from your wallet into a jar at home, and you will be surprised how quickly it adds up. Alternatively, download an app on your phone that will round your electronic purchases up to the nearest dollar and watch your savings grow.

Small changes to your habits can yield significant results. As you see your savings grow, you will be excited to stick with it and achieve those savings goals.