A fire is a devastating disaster to happen in the home or place of business. It can wreak a great deal of havoc as well. You will have to deal with after-effects such as ash, soot, smoke and structural damage. In addition, there is also the possibility of water damage, as well as health hazards to you and your family or employees. For this very reason, it’s extremely important to be as careful as possible to prevent a fire from occurring in the first place.


Although fires may not always be preventable, a fire damage restoration service can help to bring your home or place of business back to its previous state. There are also certain things you can look out for to prevent a fire. Knowing the chief fire starters can help in preventing a disaster and tragedy. Be aware of the following:

Candles: If you use candles in your home, always be careful when using them and never leave them unattended
Children: Children are frequently the culprit of house fires starting. Always educate them on the dangers of fire and teach them not to play with matches or the stove. Only allow kids to use the stove when they are old enough to understand how to properly use it
Cooking Equipment: Cooking equipment should always be watched carefully. Be aware of the fire on your stove being too high, especially if there is oil or grease splattering
Electrical Cords and Overloaded Outlets: Be on the lookout for any frayed electrical cords or outlets that are overloaded. These are frequent fire starters.
Faulty Wiring: If you have any wiring that might be faulty, it should be repaired or replaced
Grilling and Barbecues: Only use your barbecue away from your house and avoid doing it under an awning
Heating Devices: Portable heaters should be kept away from any combustible items like turpentine, paints and others
Holiday Decor: Holiday decor such as Christmas trees should be set up at a reasonable distance from a fireplace to avoid a potential fire
Smoking: Smoking is one of the biggest causes of fires. Only smoke outdoors or ensure you fully extinguish butts of your smoke in an ashtray

If you have experienced a fire, a skilled team that specializes in fire restoration in Cincinnati, OH service can salvage your property. They will come up with a plan that works to restore your home or business to its previous condition.