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We like to listen to a variety of music in our household, and recently checked out “Snorkel”.  This is the third album from Randy Sharp and Dave Kinnoin, who have many years of experience in the music industry.  You may recognize Randy as a Grammy-winning songwriter, and Dave Kinnoin is a songwriter for many children’s characters and shows.

Randy & Dave

Dave and Randy have collaborated to make “Snorkel”, a fun album for children and their families.  The music is fun and very easy to listen to.  The whole album is something you can leave on or play in the car, and the whole family can enjoy.

The songs on “Snorkel” are all about childhood life, from squirrels to comic strips and dogs.

Fluffy is a fearsome, mighty sight.
She’s got a mountain lion stare.
She’s got a grizzly bear bite.
She belches like a cannon,
Scaring all fleas off her fur,
Acting all ferocious,
Until he sings to her…

While the album is for children, there are lyrics that even adults can appreciate.  Take for example, “Everybody’s Ignorant”, or “Funny Papers” (I had to explain to my kids that those are the newspaper comics!).  There is a little bit of everything on the album.

Everybody’s ignorant of almost everything.
We can’t even imagine what we don’t know.
We’ve learned a little tiny bit,
But in the grander scheme of it,
We’re ignorant and infinitely so.

Snorkel has 12 great songs:

  • Absolutely Nowhere to Go
  • Mr. Berschmicker
  • Everybody’s Ignorant
  • My Little Dog
  • Funny Papers
  • Mixed-Up Day
  • Snorkel
  • Curly Cat
  • Why Not?
  • Squirrel
  • Oh Wait, That Wasn’t Me
  • I Should Have Been Born in Mexico

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You can also purchase the CD on Amazon.


“Snorkel” CD (US Only)

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