Dogs are said to be “Man’s Best Friend”, but they can also be a real handful if they are not trained properly. Whether you are adopting a new puppy or an older dog that still needs some work or rehabilitation, scheduling a few appointments with a professional trainer should be on your list of things to do.

Preparing your home for the addition of a dog is one thing and preparing yourself is another. Your dog will look to you for guidance and instruction and you need to be ready to become a master not just a dog owner. The individual needs of your dog can be as varied as the different number of breeds that are out there. Each animal has its own personality, emotions and background that will need to be considered.

When you are choosing a dog trainer it is important to take certain things into consideration. You should have a clear idea of your expectations. You may be looking to learn the basic commands or you may need to deal with some behavioral issues that can often come with a rescued animal. Whatever you need, there is a trainer out there that will be able to help.

Here are some tips that can help you find the trainer who will turn your eager puppy into a respectful song.


Every owner will have different expectations for their animal. Some are looking for a quiet and well-behaved companion, and others are looking for more advanced training. In some cases, adopted or rescued dogs can come with a variety of issues that should be addresses. Many dogs unfortunately come from abusive backgrounds and need to be taught about trust and obedience on a whole different level. When you are researching a new trainer, make sure that you choose someone who has the specific skills that you want to really be able to effectively help your animal.


There are several different schools of philosophy when it comes to dog training. Some trainers are very hands on with the dogs, some prefer to train with choke chains or shock collars. This may not be in agreement with your beliefs and it’s good to know that going in. If you don’t share the same philosophy with your trainer it will be that much harder to be able to adopt the methods that they are using. It can end up wasting your time and theirs.


There are many excellent and effective dog trainers out there but not all of them are certified by the state. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have the skills or knowledge that makes a great trainer, it just means that they haven’t gone through the right paperwork that is required. Also, there may not be licensing requirements where you live.

If you are concerned about any legal issues or accountability with your trainer, you should stay clear of anyone that isn’t certified. The minimum requirements that come with certification for dog training can go a long way to protecting you and your dog in the future is there were ever any issues.


Just like with any other service or contractor that you hire, it is up to you to perform your due diligence when choosing a trainer. When you are doing your research make sure to go online and check out the trainer’s website. Pay special attention to the reviews section that will give you an idea of the experience that other clients have had with this trainer. Talk to friends and family about recommendations or ask your veterinarian if they know of anyone that you can contact.