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Once you’ve decided that you are going to get your home improved and going to get the new look, the next step to follow is to find a professional, qualified, trustworthy home improvement specialist. It can be a difficult task, but there are some helpful points which you can follow to find a suitable one.


To find a skilled, qualified and dependably specialist, ask around. Consult with friends, business colleagues, neighbors for their recommendations. It is a good idea to have al least three references. It is always good to have multiple choices, so you can select the best among them according to your requirement. Check the yellow pages as well. Look for advertisements in newspapers.

Once you have found a suitable one, the next step is to make sure that everyone understands and is in agreement about the designs, schedules, details of the project and the budget. Get everything in writing and sign the contract.

Do not forget to check the licenses and professional certifications. Ask them if they are bonded and insured. You can get this information verified by the local authorities as well. Check for their worker’s compensation insurance because if any of their workers gets injured during work, it won’t be your liability if the contractor has the insurance. Ask for the copies of license, certificated and insurance. Make sure the contractor has the work permit before he starts.


You may need these professionals while getting your home improvement project done. Here are some necessary and useful ones.


You’ll be needing the architect when you are making and addition to your home. Architect is required when you are making structural changed. If you are going to add or remove walls, you’ll be needing an architect depending on the complexity of the design involved. And as the architects charge on hourly basis or a fixed fee, it is important to ensure that you get the estimate of the total cost. It is a lengthy process and may take lots of hours to draw up the plans of a big remodeling project.


You’ll be needing a contractor, so he can oversee the project. He’ll be doing the hiring, supervising the workforce, responsible for getting the permits, getting the inspections done as required and providing necessary insurances as well. Do not forget to get the proposals from at least three reputable contractors. Get their bids and compare them, it’ll be helpful to make the decision-making process easy.

Once you’ve chosen a contractor, you need to ensure that you’ve written everything down in the contract specifically, about the designs, the layouts, the details, modes of payment etc. Make the final payment once you are satisfied with the final outcome of the work after successful completion, inspection and approval of the project. Choose wisely while selecting your Roofing Canton MI contractors to avoid any shortcoming.