Five Little Oysters

Sukey Molloy has been creating children’s music and books for many years, and this October, she presents “Five Little Oysters!” as both a music album and a children’s book.

Sukey Molloy puts a big smile on traditional favorites and mixes them with original songs, poetry, and a story for the October 5 release of her fifth album, Five Little Oysters! Listeners are invited into a personal, intimate world of familiar old time favorites as Molloy changes up the lyrics with lots of special effects, creative rhythmic nuances, and colorful percussive textures, and highlights educational, learning fun with counting, farm animals, and cozy family listening for children of all ages! (

Sukey Molloy

This book and album are recommended for ages 2-4, which is perfect for the toddler / preschooler age.  I remember being home with my two kids and trying to find things that were age appropriate that they would enjoy, and this is perfect for that age.  How fun to have a book and music so that you can enjoy together or separately.  My kids always got a kick out of listening to music in the car, which was a great way to pass the time.

The book is simple and bright, with lovely images.  The story follows 5 oysters, as they roll away (and then back again!).  The images are adorable and creative, and sure to keep your little one’s attention.  The story is a great way to work on counting, colors, and more.

Five Little Oysters

The Five Little Oysters album has traditional songs as well as other songs.  I recognized many right away, like “Do Your Ears Hang Low”, and there is a mix of familiar songs and new songs.

Five Little Oysters

With almost 40 minutes of songs, the CD offers lots of fun for your little ones.

Check out a sampler from the album:

There are also two other new books with  from Sukey Molloy for children to enjoy.  “The Story of Little Flame in the Arctic” and “The Ants Go Marching” are great for younger children, available as a book and audio.

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