I recently discovered how much I love using photography backdrops!  I use backdrops for a variety of photography needs, and by no means am I a professional photographer.

Backdrops make it easy to take photos without having to worry about setting up something to create a background.  No worries about bad weather or bad lighting, and you can have everything all set to go from the comfort of your home or other indoor space. Custom backdrop is a great way to add a personal touch to your event. Whether you’re looking to promote your brand or create a unique atmosphere, a custom backdrop can help you achieve your goal.

Here are some of the ways we have used backdrops:

  • Holiday photos:

Backdrops are a lot of fun for the holidays.  I remember years of struggling to get the kids to post for things like Christmas cards.  Now you can easily find a Christmas backdrop and make a comfortable space ready for the kids to pose in.

  • Parties & other special occasions:

Backdrops are a lot of fun for parties.  Set up one at your next party to create a photo booth or picture station. You could do a photo booth for everything from birthdays to seasonal gatherings.

My kids love a good Halloween party, and halloween backdrops are so much fun.  Plus, instead of trying to get a shot of your kids in their costumes while they are on the go, you can take the time to get a nice photo of their outfits.

We like to take some nice back-to-school photos every year, and while I don’t set up a professional photo shoot, it is convenient to be able to have a nice setting for the photographs.

  • Business:

I have a blog, so it is natural that photography backdrops are useful, but there are lots of other practical purposes.  Any time you are selling something, backdrops come in handy.  It helps to be able to take a photo of a product on a clean, non-cluttered background.