Steve Elci Jump in the Puddles

We seem to always have music on in our house or car, and I love finding new children’s music.  Children’s artist Steve Elci and Friends is out this summer with their fourth children’s album, Jump in the Puddles.

This album pulls together so many great influences, singers, and musicians, and delivers a rich quality of music that really engages listeners.  As a parent, I can pick up on some of the artists and genres that inspired the different music styles.  Steve Elci has a long history in music, from playing music as a kid to performing for families, and it shows in the album.  Steve has a great voice and distinctive tone that gives the album a wonderfully inviting (and unique) quality.

Steve Elci Jump in the Puddles

This fun album is very catchy and appeals to younger listeners with songs like “Teddy Bear” and “Bumblebee”.  The lyrics are lighthearted and enjoyable whether you are a kid or adult.  I love the happy spirit in this album, because everyone can use a break and jump in those puddles!  I’m sure it would be a blast to see Steve Elci and Friends perform a live show! (Check out their calendar here).

Steve Elci Jump in the Puddles

I found myself listening to this album, and although created for younger children, is very easy on the ears as a parent.  While the music appeals to youth, it also has some really great sounds that had me feeling the music.

Steve Elci Jump in the Puddles

With a run time of 28 minutes, these fun tracks will have your kids dancing, singing, and of course jumping too!

Jump in the Puddles
Teddy Bear
Baby Get Up

Hello Song

This Three Chord Song
Shine On


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Jump in the Puddles is available at iTunes, CDBaby, and Steve Elci & Friends shows.

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Steve Elci & Friends “Jump in the Puddles” album

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