There are several indoor mold situations which are not contained and straightforward for you to tackle easily. There are some situations when professional assistance from a reputed mold remediation company becomes mandatory for the health and happiness of your family. There are certain mold clean-up tasks that should not be touched by you even if you have some knowledge and the right tools for eliminating mold. It is just not worth the risk. Here are some serious mold situations that require immediate expert attention.

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When to Call the Professional Mold Remediation Company?

  • When water damage went undetected for quite some time resulting in quite a lot of damages to your home. In such cases, the actual damage is often not visible but is extensive and structural that necessitates immediate expert remediation.
  • When your family members or you are mold-sensitive and pretty sick because of the mold present in your house. If you attempt to carry out the job of remediation on your own despite being mold-sensitive and ill, it may trigger major health issues.
  • When you have identified toxic molds in elevated levels inside your house. You must know that there are some kinds of molds that are known to produce certain mycotoxins that are hazardous to human health despite slight exposures.
  • When the presence of mold or the water damage seems to be extensive and not contained within a small area, for instance, stagnant water in the basement, flooded home, major roof leaks etc.

Questions to Ask a Professional Mold Remediation Company While Choosing One

Do you believe that mold is actually a health hazard?

This is supposed to be the most critical question that should be asked before seeking the professional assistance. If these professionals do not regard mold as a major health issue, then they would not be doing their job with utmost seriousness and would not do the cleaning meticulously. There is no point in hiring people who do not really understand the health implications and serious health risks associated with the presence of mold in your house. Professional mold remediation specialists must appreciate the dangers associated with mold. They must know precisely how to get rid of mold in air ducts.

Are you qualified and trained for the job?

The hired professional must have specific certifications and qualifications for performing this sort of a mold remediation job. Experience is certainly of great value but certain specialization or certifications in the mold remediation procedures are a must to judge the capability and quality of these professional services. The concerned professionals must have certifications in maintaining indoor air quality, building biology, environmental science, water restoration, mold or microbial remediation, building inspections, and environmental inspections. The team must include a licensed electrician, a licensed plumber, and a licensed HVAC specialist.

What is your experience in mold remediation?

Whomever ultimately you are hiring must have adequate experience in dealing with mold issues and remediation procedures. They should provide you with photos of their jobs done previously. You must ask for before and after images and testing results of the various projects done successfully by them. They must provide professional references. You must browse the Internet for online customer reviews.


You must additionally make sure that they are wearing the correct protective gear and taking the right containment measures. They must have adequate knowledge and experience to quarantine the affected areas from the other parts of the house. Understand the implications of the HEPA vacuums and HEPA filtration that they would be using.