People who have decided that it’s time for them to feel full of joy and energy all day long should know that focusing on holistic health is the way to realize the objective. If you’ve recently decided to put health and wholeness at the top of your to do list and need help getting started, this is the article for you. Below you’ll find just a few of many strategies for success you can use to make holistic health your new (and permanent) reality:

1. Find The Ideal Exercise Modality.

If you’re serious about getting healthy and whole, make sure that you work exercise into your daily life. Physical movement plays an integral and inalienable role in the health optimization process because it engenders key outcomes such as mental stability, more energy, boosted immunity, and hormonal regulation. People make many excuses not to exercise, and you should be aware of your excuses so that you can overcome them and get on the road to making physical movement your new normal. If your excuse is that you lack time, tap into the power of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This form of working out involves doing cardiovascular intense activity for short periods of time. The end result is that you burn a lot of calories while toning up without having to commit to a 45-60 minute routine. If your excuse for not exercising is that working out is boring, take the time to identify several forms of physical activity that you’ll actually enjoy doing. Everyone is different, so keep in mind that just because some people are raving about a new fitness form does not mean it will be your cup of tea. Experiment, give new things a chance, and explore how you think and feel after engaging in a specific exercise to determine whether the activity in question can be something that you commit to in the long-term. Note that if you’re trying to gain more information regarding a specific modality such as squats, you can learn more by visiting the smartsquat website.

Smart Squat

2. Analyze (And Optimize) Your Eating Habits.

In addition to finding the right exercise modality, make sure that you’re carefully analyzing and optimizing your eating habits. This step is immensely important because the dominant culture includes the ongoing and oftentimes unlimited consumption of processed foods and other items that detract from vitality and well-being. Some examples include hamburgers, french fries, processed cereals, and high fat luncheon meats. Luckily, individuals who are committed to making health happen don’t have to allow poor eating habits to prevent them from feeling energetic yet grounded throughout the course of their day. One simple way to get on track to eating well is by working more greens into your life. This process can have many forms, such as replacing your morning bowl of cereal with a huge green smoothie. Having a huge garden salad for dinner is another great way to make greens a bigger part of your nutritional life.



If you’re serious about leading a healthy, whole life, now is the time to implement strategies that will empower you to see the mental and physical changes you want. Utilize some or all of the strategies outlined above to make holistic wholeness your new normal!