Small Dog Party

Dogs are social animals that love company. Socialising your dog from an early age is very important. Even if you adopt an older dog that does not really do well with other dogs, socialising them can take care of a lot of behaviour problems. Planning play dates can be one way to socialise your dog, throwing a party can be even more fun.

Look for an Occasion

The best day to celebrate with your dog is their birthday. Many pet parents are not aware of their dog’s real birthdays. The day you brought your new family member home can be an alternative day to celebrate. If you do not remember either of those days then you can choose a weekend where you and your fellow pet parents are relatively free. Any day is a good day to celebrate your good dog.

Get Invitations Ready

If you have a large online network of pet parents then you can send out the invite digitally. If you want to take a more open approach then you can print flyers or invitation cards. Details to put on invitation cards are:

  • Your name
  • Your dog’s name
  • Party location
  • Party date
  • Party time
  • What the pet parents must bring along
  • The theme of the party (if any)

Find More Pet Parents

Taking your dog on walks can help you find a few familiar pet parents. Invite regular pet parents you see on your walks. Going to a dog park helps even more. Most people at dog parks love the opportunity of letting their dogs socialise. If you do not meet pet parents regularly, you can ask regular dog walkers to hand your invites to the pet parents. You can even go to your regular pet supply store and ask them to hand out the invites.

Keep in mind: Only hand out invites to strangers if you are willing to splurge on the party. Always start with a small pet party with a close network before inviting more people.

Pick a Location

Picking a location is of prime concern. If your housing situation does not allow a large number of animals to be present together, do not attempt a pet party at home. There are parks and even community centres where you can host the party.

Plan Events

Prevent your guests from sitting around awkwardly by having party games planned. Make sure that you have rewards ready to give to your winning party guests. Online discount pet items make the best party gifts.

Decide a Theme

Dressing up your dog can be a fun idea for a lot of dog owners. Give them the opportunity of dressing up, by having a party with a theme. Go crazy with your theme and mention it on the invite so that pets come dressed for the occasion. Online discount pet items help make dressing up fun, easy and affordable.

Make sure your decorations stick to the theme. It might matter more to the pet parents than the pets. The party should be fun for both.