Snap! Shuttering in a Side Hustle using Your Photography Skills: A How To

Photography is a fun hobby, but what if you could make a business out of it?

A business letting you set your own time and be your own boss? 

This isn’t a far-fetched idea in the current job market with such a huge shift toward online business and side hustles. 

The Web has given each and every one of us a platform to share our skills, interests, and hobbies. It’s a platform we can use to connect with others in need of these items. With a bit of marketing and business-savvy, you can turn just about any of these into a viable money-maker!

Want to know how? Read on.

Building a Photography Side Hustle: Your Guide to Starting a Business

First off, this will require real work and dedication. 

There are plenty of money-making ideas for people wanting to make a few bucks. This usually trades time for dollars but many see it in a limited scope — they see it as a one-off job. Or, let it grow passively. 

Let’s change that up and create a lot of sustainability like you find in starting a real side hustle.

Here’s what you’d do:

Refine Your Skills and Find a Market

Here’s the thing: 

You don’t need to be an expert. You only need to know more than the person that’s paying. Really!

People will come to you because you’re good at taking photos. But, you’re also stellar at finding the right shots, editing the work, and picking great subjects.

First, you need to refine your photography skills — brush up on:

Once you’re comfortable, it’s time to figure out your target market.

The target market answer questions like these:

  • Who would buy my photos?
  • What photography services do people already buy?
  • Are my customers’ individuals or businesses?

Ask successful side hustling photographers how they made it. Look beyond the flashy careers, too, considering gig-based stuff like events, food, or product photography. Explore the niche finding yours along the way!

Build an Online Platform, Generate Interest, and Land Clients

Now comes some hard work in building the thing driving clients to you: The portfolio site.

There are a million of these tutorials on building a site — so, here’s the condensed version:

  1. Pick and buy a domain name that’s interesting, a keyword, or using your name
  2. Get website hosting linking the domain else use free site builders (like Wix) linking the domain to the account
  3. Install WordPress on the owned hosting or configure the free site builder with basic details
  4. Use a photography website theme or template to build the basic layout
  5. Fill in the main details like the home page, gallery, services, about, and contact
  6. Optimize each page using keywords like “Photography Services in [Location] – Your Name”

Then, you’re free to work on this site however you want to attract clients. This usually involves creating great content to get picked up in search engines. Or, promoting it using your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram.

Think of like this:

Post great photos/content on social > Get people to visit your portfolio > Convince them to contact you for services.

That and dabbling in a bit of online advertising wouldn’t hurt either. Before long, you’ll have landed a client or two helping you reach critical mass in making this side hustle a success.

Will You Turn Your Love of Photography into a Side Hustle?

This sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Nonsense!

There are plenty of free tools to help you get there. There’s a ton of paid resources helping to get you there faster. Find a balance and commit to it! Maybe one day you’ll look back on this post fondly as the push you needed to start hustling.