I received a Kaytee Come Along Small Animal Carrier in exchange for my honest review as a Chewy Influencer.

Both of my kids have guinea pigs, and we recently upgraded their habitats to large cages.  It occurred to me that we don’t have a good way of transporting the pigs, so we ordered a Kaytee Come Along Small Animal Carrier from Chewy.com.

Kaytee Come Along Small Animal Carrier chewy.com

The carrier we received was bright pink, which my kids were excited about.  This carrier does come in a variety of colors.

Kaytee Come Along Small Animal Carrier

The guinea pig carrier arrived folded flat, and it is nice to know that it can be folded and stored flat as needed.  You would be surprised how much space our guinea pig supplies take up (like bags of hay and bedding), so I appreciate anything that saves space.

The carrier unfolds easily and unzips in several places.

Kaytee Come Along Small Animal Carrier

Guinea pigs usually aren’t a fan of being picked up, as friendly as they are, so it’s nice when there is an easy system for getting them out of the carrier without a struggle.

I like that the carrier is well ventilated, so that we don’t have to worry as much about the pigs getting uncomfortable and overheated.

This is a great little carrier to have on hand, and ours was under $10!

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