We constantly talk about getting our kids’ noses out of their video games and tablets, but some of us have men in our lives that are just as guilty. That’s okay, as we love them anyway. If your man loves nothing more than tinkering with technology, you want to support his passions when it comes time to get him a present. Need some gift inspo? Read on for gifts that every gadget guy will appreciate.

Gifts for Guys

The Second Generation Amazon Echo

If your man loves ordering Alexa around (hey, who doesn’t?), now is the ideal time to get him an Echo. As this bestproducts.com article notes of the newest iteration, it has a “sleek new design and better sound quality than its predecessor.  The device’s Dolby-tuned pair of audio drivers deliver a more robust bass, while seven built-in microphones ensure that Alexa will hear you better than ever.” If he’s an early adopter, he might already have one of these. If he decided to hold off, however, this newest version will tickle his tech-loving fancy.

A Smart Suitcase

And by “smart” we don’t mean that it looks snappy with his ensemble. These days, tech experts are figuring out how to make many other things besides phones “smart”, and one of these items is the genius pack suitcase. If your man is a frequent traveler, he will love that these are ergonomically advanced and often come with USB ports and other smart features. He won’t miss a beat on his next business trip with one of these.


If your main squeeze is as into action as he is into technology, a GoPro HERO may very well make his head blow right off his shoulders. And we mean that in the best way. Its sleek and compact nature is only exceeded by the fact that it captures 4K video at 60 frames per second, which is well above not only its competition but also the fifth version of the same camera. And with the ability to go 33 feet underwater, there is virtually nothing this video camera can’t capture. If he’s been hemming and hawing about committing to that diving trip you keep mentioning, this could be just the thing to help give him a gentle push in the right direction.

A New Computer

While you’re thinking of all these cutting edge “toys” for your guy, he might be longing for a new computer for work and/or home use. And while any laptop will get plenty of use, a new all-in-one touchscreen computer is the ultimate choice in this genre—after all, the computer mouse is so 2017.

Wireless Earbuds

If your man has fought with the many cords and wires that go with his devices, wireless earbuds will be heaven-sent in his eyes. With so many awesome options, wireless earbuds will make his life easier.

Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

You’re likely catching on to the trend that your man will enjoy nearly anything that comes with smart features, and this watch is no exception. While there are plenty of smart watches on the market, the Samsung S3 Smartwatch works with Samsung Pay, is water-resistant, works directly with Bluetooth, and receives calls and texts. Whoa, right? This is Mission Impossible-level stuff right here, and he will definitely choose to accept it.

PlayStation 4 Pro Gaming Console

“Fortnite is just for kids,” said no grown man who has spent hours being just as addicted to this admittedly compelling game. If your dude is a giant kid when all is said and done, the PlayStation 4 Pro Gaming Console will make his heart skip a beat. As long as he has a compatible TV, he will love that this latest gaming console works with all PS4 games and can stream 4K Netflix content and other non-4K video content.

TomTom 5-Inch Bluetooth GPS Navigator

Don’t let getting lost cause another argument between you and your man. And we all know that guys tend to be—ahem—a bit reluctant to ask for directions. Plus, that’s pretty old school anyway. The phone is fine for directions but this navigator is hand-free and offers traffic updates and voice recognition. Getting you to your destination safe and stress-free, this is money well spent.

Get your gadget-loving guy anything off this list and secure your spot at the top of his love list for eternity.