In this day and age, it is wonderful to see technology make the world a safer place.  Fire safety has come a long way over the years, from the fire sprinkler to fire detection, and new materials have made a big difference in improving our homes and businesses.  Flame retardant surface protection products are sold through major regional and national retailers and home improvement centers across the United States and internationally.


A fire retardant is an important substance that reduces the chance of a fire starting and delays and slows the spread of a fire once it starts. Flame retardants are chemicals which are added to manufactured materials, surface finishes, and coatings that can be activated by the presence of an ignition source. Fire safety technology is always improving and allows products to comply with safety laws and standards, with the goal to protect consumers.

The American Chemistry Council’s North American Flame Retardant Alliance (NAFRA) uses the best research and science that is available with its mission to support the use of these flame retardants. They are the defense against brutal fires and work to preserve life and property.

The widely-acclaimed Aqua Shield Surface Protector is a Masonite alternative that comes in a heavy duty and durable roll in multiple thicknesses up to a 40 mil thickness to provide easy-to-use and flexible protection for walls, floors, furniture, and worktops as well as internal and external glazing.

The six-foot wide 25 mil product is equal to 33 sheets of Masonite or other 4′ x 8′ board products. It temporarily protects all types of surfaces during manufacturing, building, refurbishment, and repair processes. Its maximum strength also holds up against scissor lifts and forklifts. This protector can be re-used time and time again, and it is even recyclable once you have finished with it.

Tested and certified to NFPA-701 Test Method 2, it is a slip resistant walking surface, is leak-proof, lint-free, dust-free, is grease and oil resistant,and does not leave a residue, which makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor projects as well as large construction jobs and healthcare facilities. An easy and quick installation dramatically cuts labor costs. Before application, surfaces should be cleaned and be free from dirt, dust, and loose debris.

Trimaco is a manufacturing leader in the construction, facilities maintenance, disaster restoration, paint, flooring, automotive, and marine industries. They offer a wide selection of quality surface protection products for job sites of commercial and personal projects.

Based in Morrisville, North Carolina, they also have plants conveniently located across the USA in Phoenix, Arizona; Portland, Oregon; Elk Grove Village, Illinois; and Manning, South Carolina. In addition, they export products internationally.