First designed in 1929 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, the ultra-luxurious Barcelona chair quickly became a favorite of architects, artists, design enthusiasts, and more. Its premium leather finish and durable steel frame have stood the test of time and become something of an icon of early mid-century modern and contemporary furniture design. The Barcelona chair was created specifically as part of the German Pavilion, which was Germany’s entry for the International Exposition (also called the World Fair) which was hosted in Barcelona, Spain. After its debut in the exposition, the Barcelona chair was quickly taken to be something of a modern throne that tasteful homeowners could bring into their personal spaces and make into their own.

Red Barcelona chair replica

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Ever since there have been high-end brands or designer products, there have been replicas created by manufacturers looking to recreate the essence and vibe of the piece without requiring homeowners to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a functional and essential piece of furniture. Sure, there are the fakes and the rip-offs, but in the modern furniture industry, most reliable manufacturers are proud of their replicas and luxury-inspired pieces and do not fraudulently claim to be the original. In fact, many designers like to create accent pieces that help embody the spirit of an original piece of furniture but also allow individual designers to express themselves. Here are some of the Barcelona-inspired complementary pieces of furniture that you can use to decorate and personalize your home.

The Barcelona Chair’s Sidekick: A Classy, Matching Ottoman

If the Barcelona chair is a throne, what royal person doesn’t want to relax and put their feet up? This Barcelona-inspired ottoman was crafted with careful attention to the details of the Barcelona chair and is the perfect match! With a metal frame in the same crossed shape as the legs of the Barcelona chair, the matching ottoman comes in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes so you can pick the best one that matches your Barcelona chair (or replica). Kick back and relax in luxury with these premium ottomans. The fun thing about the Barcelona chair and its replica pieces is that, if you have the space, you can mix and match the chairs and their ottomans using a variety of different colors to create a more interesting and entertaining place to relax and socialize.

Barcelona-inspired ottoman

An example of the Barcelona-inspired ottoman, shown in a lovely wool finish instead of classic leather. Image taken from

Barcelona Chair-Inspired Daybed

There’s something about the thick cushions and buttoned, puckered leather surface of the Barcelona chair that may just lull you to sleep if you’re not careful. The Barcelona chair is so comfortable that some designers immediately recognized a need to create a daybed! This creative Barcelona chair reproduction provides plenty of seating space in any living room or entertainment room during the day. Prop it up against the wall and relax in front of the TV, knowing that you have the perfect option to provide a high-quality place for a guest to sleep once the day is done. The thick cushion design will provide the support your guests need while embodying a sturdy, soft, comfortable mattress. Got no visitors? Create your own little reading nook! The Barcelona chair-inspired daybed is the perfect addition to a welcoming, comfortable home.

Barcelona-chair inspired daybed in premium black leather

Barcelona-chair inspired daybed in premium black leather, from


Barcelona Dining Chair

If the lounge chair wasn’t enough, take the luxury of the Barcelona chair into your kitchen or dining space with these upright dining chairs! With the trademark polished steel frame contrasting with premium leather, this dining chair is so comfortable you’ll find yourself reluctant to leave the table once the meal is done. The armless, padded design condenses the classic Barcelona lounge chair into one that is appropriate to eat and socialize out of.

White Barcelona-style dining chair

White Barcelona-style dining chair from


Whether you want the original Barcelona style chair or one of these creative accent designs, you can’t go wrong with any of the pieces from the Barcelona-inspired collection. Bring comfort and luxury into your home with a Barcelona-inspired piece today!