For the entire family, holiday trip can always be a delightful experience. Theme parks, resorts and even hotels are glittering and sparkling with Christmas lights and tress. These places are working hard during this special time of the year to address some fun filled activities to make this festive season even more amazing than before. Being together with your entire family can help you enjoy some of the new experiences, which even expensive gifts cannot compensate.

Even if you don’t have a chimney at your place, there is nothing to worry about! Santa will definitely find a way to meet you. Whether you are planning for bike rental central park to roam around the park and its delightful lighting in Christmas or plan to take a trip down the resorts, options are unlimited.

  • Enjoying resort and convention center:

Now you get the opportunity to book for a discount at some of the best resort’s Christmas packages, offered on some of the selected dates. These resorts are known to offer some special attractions like building a bear workshop, elf on shelf, showboat holiday cruise and there are more to be added in the list. Some of these resorts have special annual program too, open for a certain week or two.

These resorts might even create show houses and snow paths inside their hotels for adding some more fun and enjoyment during Christmas times. To take active part in these sessions you have to pre-book your ticket first. Once you have done that, you just have to wait for the day to come. There are bars opened for adults above the age of 21 years and some special Christmas drinks are offered at the bar counter. These services are only for Christmas. So, don’t miss out on such fun time with family at all!

  • Resort located at Paws Up:

If you are planning for a trip to Montana this Christmas, don’t forget to visit the Resort at Paws Up. Here, you are going to be a part of three-trimming party with family and friends. Not only that, teenagers and kids will have a blast too. They get the chance to participate in gingerbread house contest or even cookie decorations. For those who love adventurous sports, there are horse drawn sleigh rides or even dog sledding waiting for them to grab! This is the finest example of luxury resort, which is just 35 minutes from Missoula. Yes, it is a bit expensive but it is Christmas after all! You can easily spend some bucks over here to have a blast with family.

  • Snow land celebration at Great Wolf Lodge:

There are so many locations of those lodges across the country, making it easier for you to select the one closer to your place. Your Christmas holidays are limited and you don’t have the liberty to actually spend hours driving to your destination! So, look for the one located closer to your place, just to save some time.

The snow land celebration in this lodge starts at the end of November every year. Each celebration will have indoor snow showers and more, well, if that’s not enough, skids will have visits from Santa, Polar Wolf and more. The parents are requested to book early to reserve a well-equipped snow land suite. Each area is going to be well furnished with decorated form of Christmas tree, lights and some other decorations. Just before hitting the bed, lodge mascots will come and stop by your door for tucking in some milk and cookies under your bed.

Some years, these lodges will feature dine-in and life size gingerbread houses to enrich the mood of festivity even more. Even though the house is edible but avoid munching on it though! No matter how tasty it looks, the house is not for consumption. But, you can easily dine inside the house for an experience you will never forget!

  • The amazing Hershey Park:

Hershey Park is one such place where you must take your kids at least once during Christmas time. This park is known to house show for kids of multiple ages, along with some holiday based roller coaster rides and cookie workshops. So, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Kids further get the chance to share their Christmas wishes with the amazing Santa Clause and can drive through wooden trails for experiencing the amazing “sweet lights.” It is primarily a promising display of more than 200,000 lights dancing to some of the popular Christmas tunes.

There are some candy lane packages available too on some selected dates. You have to make some quick reservations if your kids want to have a breakfast or lunch with Santa Clause. This experience is truly an amazing one to be enjoyed only during the Christmas time.

  • Quick trip around central park:

This is the most cost-effective way to celebrate Christmas with family or friends. Central Park is a widespread area with so many things to see and even enjoy nature’s beauty to the fullest. During Christmas time, the central park is well lighted with amazing sparkling lights and you might even get to see some decorative Christmas trees at some parts of the park. You will find snowmen here and there waving at you, and the entire park is given a complete light decoration like never before. The trees will have twirling lights covering the branches and trunks, and glowing at night.

You can further enjoy horse riding as that seems to be a great way to cover the whole place during Christmas time and never miss out on any of the beauty this place has to offer you with. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can get bike rental central park and ride through the bike trails to enjoy Christmas time at its best.

With so many options to choose from, your Christmas will definitely light up like the lights on Christmas tree! Just pre-plan for the ways in which you want to enjoy this celebration this year!