Noisy environments impede sleep, but some people live in the noisy environment and yet have a good sleep. To overcome the problem, these people rely on devices that produce white noise.  The white noise machines and apps you find in the market gives hope to sleep-starved people as they have the weapon to fall fast asleep. There should not be any doubt that the noise machines do work, but if you are surprised how noise can help in sleeping, then you must know in more detail about white noise.

White noise – a new noise in your bedroom

You can fight fire with fire, and this concept applies perfectly to the sleep apps that use white noise.  Although white noise is noise, it has an anti-noise function. White noise can cut other noises that create disturbances during sleep. According to medical experts, white noise is a redundant noise that registers in the brain and even causes a distraction, but you need not focus on it. The sound is special because it can muffle the background sounds and noise.  The use of a white noise machine helps to promote healthy sleep by drowning out other noises and sounds that can become a hindrance in letting you sleep or waking up from sleep.

The name white noise has a striking resemblance to white light that seems quite meaningful. Just as white light is a mixture of seven colors that combine; similarly, white noise is a mixture of different noises of varying frequencies but maintains constant amplitude.

The choice is yours

The preference for white noise is entirely personal because someone may like the sound of gentle rain while there are others who find comfort in the purring sound of a cat or lashing rains and hurricane. The whirring of a machine or a fan could be the noise that someone prefers to make them fall asleep. Relaxing music of different kinds and even some chants and hymns might work well for others. Most importantly, the sound you choose should be able to cover up all other little sounds that distract the brain. The white noise apps can also help to sleep again when you suddenly awake in the middle of the night.

Make a routine

Our body is used to the routine and responds best to situations that it can anticipate.  To ensure a good night’s sleep, you have to make the white noise a part of your daily bedtime routine.  Including the white noise in your routine will make the body behave in a certain way, every day, as it gets used to it. The brain receives the signal to release melatonin for inducing sleep when you follow a routine.   

You can also add other things to your nighttime routine, such as taking a hot bath, drinking relaxing teas such as chamomile tea or lavender tea, and using lavender essential oil.