The Do's and Don'ts Of Using A Washing Machine

You definitely want your clothes to come out well-cleaned and fresh after every wash from the washing machine, but to confirm that first grade service you have to pay proper attention to the machine too. In order to make sure the machine performs best, you must know how to exactly handle it with the perfect dos and don’ts. No matter if you have a big or just a portable washing machine, this quick guide of dos and don’ts will help you in using your washing machine right:

Dos To Get The Best Result From Your Machine

Inspect The Care Labels On The Garment

The garments carry labels with washing instructions. Make sure you read and follow the guide, this will instruct you for washing time, temperature and wash cycles. By following the proper guideline, you will not only get a perfect wash but also will help your machine’s long-term performance too.

Pre-Treat Stains And Separate Colors

Color run disasters are a common problem in the household laundry. To be safe from this mess, separate your clothes into different color settings e.g. whites, darks, lights and delicate. Pile the clothes in accordance to the settings, once a pile is ready for its term – put them in the wash. Make sure, you check the garments for stains and pre-treat them using specific detergents or other agents, this will help you safe from rewashing or run in problems.

Use Laundry Bags for the Delicates

The delicate items like tights, silks, underwear and lingerie can suffer from snagging if washed with the general pile. To solve this issue, you can put these items in a laundry bag or in case you don’t have laundry bags, a pillowcase will do the job.

Place the Detergent in the Right Spot in Right Amount

Read the product packaging of your detergent and follow the instruction for measuring right amount for particular clothes or wash, and place the detergent in the right place of the machine. Use measuring cups for liquid detergents or confirm appropriate amount of dosing balls, and place the balls in the machine drum after you had put the clothes in. For powders, use the scoop and place the powders in the appropriate drawer. Washing tablets and capsules can go in the drawer or in the drum, check the machine’s manual.

Leave the Door Open After Use

If the air is stuck inside the machine after use, it could help mould and mildew to grow that can cause odd smell in the kitchen area or on the washed clothes too. Hence, make sure you keep the drum’s door open for a while after each use, so that the air or vapor can leave outside.

Regularly Clean Your Washing Machine

Regular cleaning of the machine is the key behind regular good washes. Make sure you wash the machine at least once every month. Set the machine to a hot cycle and add a cup of white vinegar that will sanitise the interior and help remove any mould or odd smells.

List of Don’ts When Using A Washing Machine

Don’t Burden Your Machine with Extra-Load

Clothes trapped in loads over-riding the machine’s limit will cause obstacle to the proper movement and cycling inside. In result, the machine might lose its efficiency gradually, as well as clothes won’t get proper wash and many a time they may ask for rewash. Also, don’t select for a large load cycle for small amount of clothes – this will waste energy, water and time.

Don’t Forget to Check the Pockets

There could be small coins, tissues, lip chap or small plastics left in your pockets, and during the wash these may cause problems like tissue fluffs all over your washed clothes. Never forget to check all your pockets and remove all such items before you put the pile inside the drum.

Don’t Put Too Much Detergents

Don’t ever think that extra amount of laundry detergents would extra clean your clothes, rather over use of detergents could leave residues on your clothes and could form smell too. Follow the instructions for proper dosing guide for detergents.

Don’t Ever Use Fabric Conditioner on Top of the Clothes

Fabric Conditioner can stain your clothes if it gets in direct contact to the clothes. You should follow the machine’s manual to learn the exact place to put the conditioner in, so that it gets a proper use. Normally the drawer for fabric conditioner is marked with a flower sign on the machine.

Don’t Leave Wet Clothes for Long

Don’t leave the wet clothes inside the drum after the washing is over for a long time. The moisture from the washed clothes could help build mould and mildew in the drum or even on the clothes. Take out the washed clothes as soon as possible after the rinsing is over.

Don’t Try Fixing Major Issues Yourself

Any major maintenance issues like the electrics or plumbing of your machine should be accounted by a professional. Don’t rely on the user manual and yourself in such cases, however small issues like blocked water pipe or such can be easily solved on your own following the manual.


These are amazing tips to keep in mind when washing clothes in a washing machine. If you regularly wash your car yourself as well, you may want to have the best car wash soap to give your car the shiny look.