Ways to Grow and Achieve Your Aspirations as a Busy Mom

As a mom, you may feel like you’ve let your career aspirations fall by the wayside in order to take care of your family’s needs. Luckily, in today’s world, there are a number of ways that you can balance both family and career. Through online platforms, unique job opportunities, and alternative education you can reach your personal goals. Here are some ways that you can continue to grow and achieve your aspirations:

Alternative Education

Being a college student may seem like a daunting task; however, there are educational programs created to suit the needs of individuals with busy lives. Colleges used to only provide vocational degrees after four years of study; however, these days many community colleges offer two year programs that result in a specialized degree, such as engineering, graphic design or nursing. Community colleges generally have class schedules that accommodate those with daytime obligations, providing night and weekend classes. You can attend school part time or full time in order to complete your post-secondary education. 

Additionally, many colleges and universities offer online classes that allow you to study from home. This frees you up to be home with your children and carve out time to focus on school work when it is most convenient. See the U.S. News ranking of 2018’s best online universities and colleges to find the institution that is right for you. 

Unique Job Opportunities

It may not be plausible for you to work a 9-to-5 job when you have to take care of family logistics. There are a number of part-time opportunities that will provide you with a strong income and flexibility in your schedule. One of the clearest routes to create your own work schedule is to do freelance work. Identify a skill or service that you could offer to those in your community—either in the region you live or within your digital network—and build your own business. 

Freelance work requires you to take hold of all elements of a business and could potentially be overwhelming if you don’t have enough support. Choose a software program that can help you manage and organize the various aspects of your business, like Asana, Evernote, or Trello. You can also work for a company that doesn’t require a full-time commitment and empowers you to be your own boss, such as global health and beauty leader Amway. That way you can reach your personalized sales quota on your own schedule, which is a great way to keep your skills sharp while raising your kids. 

Online Platforms

If you need a project that supports your passions, but you don’t have time for education or a career commitment, turn to online platforms. It is easy to create your own blog and with some skillful branding techniques, you can turn your blogging hobby into a viable business. When you create your blog, stick with what you know. If you’re an avid crafter, create a DIY blog; if you are a talented chef, start a food blog; and if you want to share your adventures as a mom, start writing about your family. For blogging inspiration, check out Love Taza who takes mommy-blogging to a whole new, very profitable level. 

As a mom, you have a wide variety of options that will help you pursue personal growth. By utilizing alternative education programs, unique job opportunities and online platforms, you can reach your goals while still taking care of your family.