Grocery Shopping Tips for Busy Moms

A busy, working mother is inundated with numerous tasks, and grocery shopping tops that list. Being pressed for time, working mothers seldom have the means to find effective ways to save time and money when grocery shopping.

Here’s a list of 6 well-tested grocery shopping tips for the busy mom.

1. Make a List

Put together a shopping list before you head out of your house. Check your fridge and pantry for items you already have. This will help you include the quantity of each item you need when making the list. It’s also helpful to categorize your shopping list into items that have a longer shelf life versus those you’ll need to buy fresh on a more regular basis.

2. Shop Online

Shopping online is the simplest and, yet, most effective way to save time and money. Buying your groceries online means you can be doing this anywhere, whether you’re traveling somewhere in the metro or have some free time at the office or your home. Most online grocery shopping websites also offer you different time slots for you to choose the most convenient time for them to deliver your shopping.

3. Use Discount Coupons

Before you start shopping online, go through the most popular coupon sites to find discount coupons to offer such as Many online shopping websites offer a range of promotions and discounts using online coupons. If you have multiple coupon codes, then use them strategically by starting with the coupon code that promises you the most saving. For example, when you check out, start with a coupon code that offers a 15% discount, before using another one with a 5% discount.

4. Sign Up for Email Alerts

You can also sign up to receive email alerts from different stores. This helps you stay abreast of any promotional events or campaigns they are running. Stores also send coupons to anyone on their email distribution list on a regular basis. Some stores may also offer you a discount coupon for simply joining their email list.

5. Compare Deals and Prices

Different stores offer a range of promotions and discounts to choose from. They also cite different prices for certain products. This means you should always make it a habit to compare the prices and deals across stores. To do this efficiently, you can use price comparison sites to pull up a list of prices across online stores.

6. Avoid Impulse Buying

Always stick to your shopping list as much as possible to avoid overbuying. Whether you are at the grocery store or shopping online, you’ll find yourself tempted to buy a lot more than you actually need. This will leave you spending a lot more than you intended to and procuring things you could have done without. One simple solution is to carry a predetermined amount of cash in your wallet and use cash to buy your items at the store. For online shopping, simply sticking to the items on your shopping list should do the trick.

So, if you are like most working moms who only find time to catch a breath late in the night, long after you’ve put your kids to bed, these simple tips should help you save more time and money to enjoy all the other activities you love.