Bennington Vermont Fish Hatchery

We like to travel a lot in Vermont, and passing through the Bennington area, we decided to stop at the Bennington Fish Hatchery this June.

The hatchery is located just outside Bennington on S Stream Road, which we were able to find without any problem using Google Maps.

There is a small visitor center that offers information and history about the fish hatchery, which was built in 1916.  The hatchery is free to visit, and we did not see anyone else there when we went (employees or visitors).

There are some interesting things to learn about in the Visitor Center, from the history of the hatchery to local fishing information.

After checking out the visitor center, we went to check out the fish.

“This culture station uses a combination of spring, artesian well, and stream water for raising brook, brown, and rainbow trout.”

Bennington Fish Hatchery

There is also a machine that takes $.05 (yes, nickels!) for fish food to feed the fish.

Bennington Fish Hatchery

So bring your nickels!  The kids had fun feeding the fish, and it is fun to watch the water churn when you throw the food in.

Bennington Fish Hatchery

We went on an overcast day, so it is hard to see the fish in the photos, but the different parts of the hatchery were well-stocked with fish of various sizes.  It was neat to check them out and see them go crazy when we threw in some food.


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