Vinyl Tiles: A Family Friendly Floor
Photo credit: Tom Britt via Flickr

Having a family bring lots of joy, but can complicate matters when it comes to decorating a house. Of course you want something that looks nice but you need to make sure it stays practical and is friendly to your wallet, since having a bigger family means also being a bit more careful with the expenses. You need a floor that is able to handle your little ones, but it is a pity to have to compromise the looks or even your money in order to get that. Luckily for you, there is a floor that balances all of this – vinyl tiles!

Vinyl tiles are a kind of vinyl floor, but instead of looking like a cheap old sheet vinyl, it comes in classy and stylish individual tiles. There are so many options out there, like those at Vinyl Flooring Seattle. Vinyl flooring is a very durable floor that if installed and maintained correctly can last up to 20 years!  Since it is made of plastic, it is totally resistant to water. This makes it a very versatile floor and you can install it everywhere. For example, if your kids were to cause a spill, which is something very likely to occur, you won’t need to worry as it won’t affect the floor and you can remove it without trouble.

We previously said vinyl is a very durable floor in general, but vinyl tiles are even more hardwearing thanks to the fact that they are sold in tiles. This means that you can install vinyl in rooms with heavy footfall, and it isalso resistant to scratches, so there is no need to fear that your children’s toys left on the floor will mark it. It is resistant to pet scratches too!

If you have a family, you will presumably be spending most of your time with them, so obviously the last thing you want to do is waste your time cleaning a floor. Well this another great feature of vinyl tiles, they are very easy to maintain. In order to keep them clean, you only need to hoover and sweep the floor with a damp warm cloth.

You can also let your kids play on the vinyl floor without problems, as this floor is very safe. It is totally slip resistant and it is very hygienic. If someone in your family suffers from allergies then we recommend this floor even more strongly, as vinyl, unlike carpet, doesn’t collect dust or any other kind of allergens. Not bad for the cheapest floor on the market right?

These floors are cheap yes, but it doesn’t mean they look cheap. This is one of the most amazing features of this floor, since you don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics for price or practicality. Vinyl tiles offer a wide range of deigns, lots of colours and can imitate stone effect or even wood, so no need for wood or engineered flooring.With vinyl tiles, you get the wood looks without the price tag.

So there you have a few reasons that we believe make vinyl tiles one of the most family friendly floors on the market.