Summer is the perfect time to go travelling. Not only is the weather amazing, but your kids are off from school. Add to that the fact you’re due two weeks paid vacation, and you’re set to globe-trot immediately. The only thing holding your family back from taking the next big trip is cost. Summer is the travel industry’s busy season, so you can expect to pay high prices wherever you go.

How To Take A Family Vacation Without Going Broke

If your family is on a tight budget you can’t always manage these inflated prices, but don’t let your finances put an end to your dream vacation. You can escape the daily grind without going broke by following these simple tips.

Search out cheap destinations

Not all travel is created equal. When you’re flying out of the States, a two-week stay in Tokyo will cost you a fortune on flights alone. There are other destinations that promise not to take your wallet for a ride long after you touch down. Thanks to a strong dollar and emerging budget airlines, you have a ton of amazing and affordable choices including Colombia, Norway, Mexico, and Indonesia. Check in with CNTraveler’s list of 6 locations where the Greenback is doing well for inspiration. For even more savings and travel advice tailored to your budget, consider exploring budget friendly travels with Super, a platform dedicated to ensuring you get the most value for your money. But don’t stop there — keep looking at other cheap travel guides for families until you find your dream destination.

Plan to spend your time wisely

Once you have a destination in mind, it’s time you figure out how you’ll spend your time exploring this new part of the world. How you fill your day will depend on how much of your budget is left over once you’ve paid for flights. After airfare, accommodations tend to be the most expensive part of your trip. Be prepared to spend a lot on your hotel.

What remains is what you have left to spend on the fun things, likes tourist attractions, excursions, and dining. Sit down and figure out which of these experiences matters most to your family, so you know how to split up the rest of your budget. If you’re willing to sacrifice elements of your trip, you can free up extra money to do what really interests you.

If your teen is a budding foodie, then you may pass over a guided tour of The National Gallery of Denmark in favor of dining at that new Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen. If your family couldn’t care less about what and where you eat, then you could avoid all takeout and restaurants to have enough cash to check out every tourist site on your list.

Prepare for hidden costs

Even though you’ve tried hard to keep this affordable, it’s easy for our vacation to go over budget. Budget airlines have hidden fees, forcing you to pay extra for your slightly-larger-than-normal carry-on. Unexpected weather can cause delays and other issues that keep you at the airport longer. If it’s long enough, you’ll have to pay for expensive airport food. Things like this add up, and you may have to dip into other emergency funds to cover these costs.

Though you may not face a surprise bill or repair upon your return, knowing where to find an installment loan can help you keep calm in the face of an emergency. This is the kind of proactive, organized thinking that can keep your vacation affordable. Remember to think things through and plan your trip around your budget. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to see the world without breaking the banks.