Some close-knit families believe in co-sleeping. It would be positively impacting a child’s physical and emotional health. You must appreciate that there are numerous benefits associated with co-sleeping. When you religiously follow all the dictates for safe co-sleeping, SIDS incidence happens to go down. Statistics reveal that co-sleeping infants are less likely to get SIDS as compared to the crib-sleeping infants. When you are thinking of sleeping together with your child, it is best to identify the best co-sleeping mattress for both mother and the child. You could browse the Internet for numerous reviews and also know and understand which features are crucial to comfortable and safe sleeping every night for a decade to come.

Features of a CoSleeping Mattress

Composed of Non-Toxic Material

This is supposed to be of prime importance from your health perspective. You must realize that mattresses are often made of harmful or toxic materials that may adversely impact the health and well-being of you and your child. Toxic chemicals including arsenic, antimony, and others are frequently found in mattresses. In this context, you must know that even some premium quality mattresses contain harmful and toxic chemical substances. Even crib mattresses contain chemicals, so it is important to look for a natural crib mattress, or do your research for any other sleeping surface for your new baby. Experts feel that it is best to opt for all-natural organic mattresses for both the mom and the child.

A Nice & Firm Surface for Utmost Safety

Infants and small children should sleep on a nice and firm surface to avoid any airway obstruction at night. You must avoid using a mattress that is excessively soft. When your baby is sleeping on an ultra-soft mattress, it may lead to your baby getting overheated and that may trigger suffocation issues or breathing problems. This could also be a key contributing factor to the dreaded SIDS. To be on the safe side many parents opt for the firmest mattresses. A firm mattress is equally good for adults. You could get relief from back pain if you have chronic back pain issues.

Mattress Must Fit Snugly to Your Bed Rail

Many people find it safe to put the mattress on the floor straight away. Many moms prefer it that way if they are sleeping with their kids. A box spring is actually placed strategically under a mattress for providing more structural support. Remember that box springs play a pivotal role in keeping mattresses in perfect shape for years to come. A box spring could be regarded as the actual foundation of the bed since it is known to create a robust base for your mattress to rest. A box spring would be raising the mattress from the ground and is mostly used along with a bed frame. You must opt for a mattress that actually fits the bed frame snugly. This would be helping in reducing the risk of your baby falling off the mattress through any existing gaps and getting badly injured while sleeping at night.

Breathable & Lightweight

You must always choose a breathable and lightweight mattress particularly when you intend to sleep with your little one. Your mattress must be safe so that you could sleep soundly at night without any breathing risks. Your mattress must feel light and must be made of breathable materials to avoid overheating. It is best to choose a perfect mattress that is breathable and lightweight to keep your child cool and safe all night long.


You must keep these qualities in mind while shopping a mattress for your family. If you intend to sleep together it is best to read the reviews online and buy the best mattress for co-sleeping.