I received a sample of the Therapedic Fiberbed in exchange for my honest review.

My life has been crazy lately, from intense days at work to running the kids from one thing to another.  By the end of the day, I am completely exhausted.  Sadly, my bed has not been providing the best place to crash at the end of the day.  Our mattress is very old, and we tried getting a new mattress, but have had no luck.  Where our current mattress is too hard, the new bed was so plush that we sank to the middle (so we gave it to our daughter).  We have also tried a variety of toppers, to no avail.  They either did nothing, or added even more firmness to the bed.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Therapedic Cool & Fresh Fiberbed, but I have desperately needed better sleep, so I was looking forward to giving it a try.  My job has been very physically demanding lately, and all I want is something comfortable at night.

The fiberbed comes neatly folded in a bedding bag.  I couldn’t wait to unpack it!

Therapedic Fiber Bed

You can see how nice and plush the bed is, right in the bag.

Therapedic Fiberbed

Two great things I noticed right away about this product:

  • The Therapedic Fiberbed has no odor.  I have tried a variety of foams and mattress toppers, and there is often a chemical smell associated with it.  I am pleased to say this went right on the bed without any kind of scent.
  • This product goes on the bed without any difficulty.  I simply took it out of the bag, and put it on the bed like a fitted sheet.  It is just the right size, and has no problem fitting right under our sheets.  It isn’t bulky, and doesn’t make it so that the sheets pull off the mattress.

Therapedic Fiberbed

The fiberbed acts like a bed topper, and it adds a cushy layer of comfort.  It is also soft and breathable.


The Therapedic Fiberbed even has zoned temperature regulating technology, and I can actually tell that it helps keep my bed more comfortable.

Zoned temperature balancing PCM technology absorbs and releases thermal energy for temperature regulation. (Therapedic.com)

Right now we are between seasons, so during the day my bedroom gets hot and stuffy, and we leave the window fan on when we go to bed, which means it goes from warm to chilly, but the fiberbed seems to help so that I’m not sweating or losing heat either.


I honestly had my doubts that the Therpedic Fiberbed could be my solution to getting a better night’s sleep, but the thickness and the plushness it provides is just right.  It isn’t too soft or too firm, and .  My body can be so sore and achy at the end of the day, and I have even had my hip or shoulder go numb from laying on a hard mattress or mattress pad.

The Therapedic Cool & Fresh Fiberbed is available in sizes Twin/Twin XL-California King, and retails for around $79.99-$149.99.  I highly recommend it for getting a better night of sleep!

Visit Therapedic at https://www.therapedic.com/

The fiberbed is available for purchase
at BedBathandBeyond.com (click here).