Red Yarn

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In 2013, Red Yarn released their first album, The Deep Woods. We really enjoyed this CD, packed with folk songs and a world of animal puppets that can be seen in the accompanying booklet, YouTube music videos, and shows.  Red Yarn is back with their 5th album this April with “Old Barn”, with great new songs.

Red Yarn is led by Andy Furgeson and his wife, Jessie Eller-Isaacs.  They are joined by their band, featuring Dean Jones, Dan Hunt, Annalisa Tornfelt, and Paul Brainard.  In addition, this CD has numerous special guests, including Jazzy Ash and Justin Lansing from the Okee Dokee Brothers, and it is nice to hear such a variety of vocals and instruments.

Red Yarn

This album is full of wonderfully welcome songs.. feel-good songs that the whole family can enjoy.  You could easily put this album on and let it play in the background for a while, or entertain the kids in the car on a long drive.  If you find some kid’s music over the top and annoying, this is not it!  The first time I listened to the album was after a long day at work, and right away, I felt myself unwinding and feeling in better spirits.

“Old Barn” is farm-themed, and while I’m sure we’ve all heard songs about farm topics when it comes to children’s music, these songs are just so well done.  From the lyrics to the music, each song has it’s own wonderful quality.  The lyrics are creative and thoughtful too.

It takes a spark, child, to face the darkest night 
It takes some darkness to make the fire shine bright 
It takes a bonfire to keep a village warm 
It takes a village to raise a barn 

(from “My Barn Door is Open”)

Check out Red Yarn’s Old Barn music video:

I am sure that it would be wonderful to see Red Yarn in concert!  You can check out their calendar here.

There are 12 wonderful songs on “The Old Barn” album:

  1. Old Barn
  2. Down in the Meadow
  3. Old Hen Cackled
  4. I’m Gonna Feed You Now
  5. Go Little Gator
  6. Sally Ann
  7. Barndance
  8. Did You Feed My Cow?
  9. Barnfire
  10. Till the Cows Come Home
  11. To Raise a Barn
  12. My Barn Door is Open

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Red Yarn’s “Old Barn” Album

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