Organic products minimize the public health risks that farm workers, families and consumers are exposed to. They accomplish this by reducing their exposure to persistent and toxic chemicals on farms and in products. Offering organic products to the market enables people to have the option of selecting things that have been produced without involving these toxins.

Organic and Natural Products for a Healthier and Safer Lifestyle

Choosing Organic Products

  • Along with helping to minimize public health risks, there is mounting evidence that shows how organically grown plants are richer in nutrients with less exposure to pesticide residues and nitrates when compared to traditionally grown products. There are nutritional and healthier profiles that are associated with using a variety of natural products.
  • The basis of organic agriculture protects environmental health while striving to enhance it. Rather than being dependent on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that strip away the valuable nutrients of soil and contribute to environmental degradation, an organic approach to agriculture improves the soil through practices like crop rotation, cover cropping and composting
  • Choosing an organic product helps to combat climate change, protect the diversity of species and protects valuable water resources from damage.  

Organic Products and Natural Ingredients

Be sure not just to find organic products, but ones that have safe and natural ingredients.

For example, if you purchase soap, you’ll want to make sure it does not have dyes or artificial fragrances.