Hair Loss Prevention: 3 Things to Make a Stand Against Losing Hair

Remember how important your hair was to you in those adolescent years? The amount of effort you put in to making sure it looked just right, and had the perfect style to suit your image? This effect might peak during those adolescent years, but hair stays important to all of us throughout our lives.

Of course some people can deal with hair loss, receding hairlines and baldness better than others. It’s usually a shock when any of these issues start to pop up though, and most of us will do everything possible to resist the change.

With up to 2/3rds of men suffering from noticeable hair loss by the age of 35, this is an issue that most of us are going to have to deal with at some point. So how exactly can we fight back against it? Today we’re going to look at 3 of our top techniques to battle a receding hairline.

  • Be Gentle on Your Hair!

Many hair experts have cited a variety of causes for baldness and receding hair lines. Some of these are things we don’t really have any control over, such as the genetic factor. Others are actually within our control though, such as how we actually treat our hair.

In this modern age, there are absolutely loads of men who use harsh, chemical styling products on their hair. These sit on the hair and scalp all day long and not only limit growth, but can actually harm the hair and follicles themselves, restricting future growth. Excessive amounts of hair products have been known to actually block up follicles entirely and stop hair growing in that location. This is reversible, but it takes much more time and effort to reverse than it does to happen in the first place.

Also using products which are high in certain chemicals is a bad idea too, so be careful with your choices of shampoo, hair dye and styling products.

  • Use Hair Growth Products

Hair growth shampoos are a more recent technique to combat hair loss. We have already mentioned how some shampoos can be harmful to the scalp. Hair loss shampoos are designed with this in mind though so they won’t cause any further damage at all.

There are two main types of shampoo which might interest you. The first is a chemical type which uses pharmaceutical ingredients to try and bring back hair growth, using ingredients such as Rogaine.

The second is an all-natural type which uses gentler, drug-free ingredients. This type of shampoo focuses on restoring your bodies natural ability to grow hair. Both can be useful, depending on your situation, so for more information please check out

  • Have a Hair-Friendly Diet

Diet is another way to alter your bodies hair-growth ability. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet ensures that your body has the vitamins and minerals needed to actually grow hair. Higher amounts of protein and healthy fats have been shown to increase the natural hair growth ability of your body. Deficiencies in any area can cause damage to skin, hair and nails before it shows in any other part of the body, so always stay on top of your nutrition!

That rounds up our 3 ways to beat a receding hair line. Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know!