There is a fine difference between Glamping and Camping. Camping means bringing only the necessities while Glamping is very much the same, but with some style.  Following, we are going to explain the important elements that make a glamping experience. So, make sure these are on your packing list!

5 Items That Define a Glamping Experience

A Gorgeous Campsite

Obviously, you can’t glamp without a gorgeous site. Fortunately, there is no shortage of great sites. You need to find a back to nature site that has something more than a filed.  There is no point in spending a fortune to get great camping sites.

Keep your necessities in mind like electricity, bathroom, washing area, ho water, and soothing surrounding. A forest will never disappoint you.

Easy to Manage yet Spacious Tent

Choosing the right tent at can make a real difference. I am not going to recommend a particular brand, or product. Instead, I will emphasize the qualities that make a great tent for glamping. It should be spacious enough so you can easily stand up all around, no need to bend your neck.

A tent should have large doors with easy to open sides. Besides being enormous, it has to be light and easy to pack or move. With that said, following are a few other qualities you need to look for:

  • Double walls to prevent leakage during rains
  • Height should allow for standing
  • Sides should allow for venting, so you don’t get baked inside (on sunny days)
  • It should be easy to set up and pack up

If finding and setting up the perfect tent seems like a ton of work, you can always look for a luxury accommodation provider that specializes in glamping. Whether you’re glamping in Colorado or anywhere else in the US, you’ll find plenty of companies that offer high-end glamping tents. These tents comes with all the necessary amenities, from a comfortable bed and outdoor patio to high-speed internet access.

Comfy Bed

Getting a good bed during camping never fails to impress. It doesn’t matter if you sleep somewhere cold and dark, you don’t have to be miserable. So, get an inflatable mattress to save your back and to give you a good night’s sleep.

Therefore, instead of getting a sleeping bag, you can invest go with an inflatable mattress and bedding. Normal bedding is much better than a sleeping bag as its more comfortable and cost saving than a sleeping bag.

Great Food

Meal times can make or break your camping experience. When you are talking about “Glamping,” you need to raise the bar. You can make a classy menu with bacon and eggs for breakfast, fish for lunch, and BBQ for dinner. Bring a nice Yeti cooler with you to keep things fresh. If you can, pack a freezer as well.

Vibrant Lights

Pack LED candles because the only nicest place you find will be under the stars wrapped in your blanket and surrounded by candles. If you camp for a few days, then you need something that won’t run out of juice. So you better pack a set of LED solar powered lights for the night.