Top 5 Uses for Concrete in Every Part of Your Home

Decorating a modern home means thinking outside the box. Most homes appear similar and lack distinguishing features inside and outside. Fortunately, homeowners can and should utilize countless materials and interior design solutions to remedy this situation. Everyone knows about the luxuriousness of granite and marble. Shabby chic and minimalism may stand out for some. However, concrete is an incredible building material often overlooked by the average homeowner.

First and foremost, concrete is a cost-effective and durable material. It can be shaped in countless ways and stained or styled with ease. Most people think of concrete as drab and boring, but that’s far from the case. Modern homes accommodate concrete with ease. Then again, a creative approach can blend concrete into all types of properties and homes with great results. The right mind can innovate and integrate concrete into a home’s design without any problems whatsoever.

Consider the following uses for concrete in your home:

Installing Concrete Around The Home

Outdoor areas like a backyard, patio, or deck accommodate concrete well. You could turn a plain concrete patio into a beautiful setting with a simple stain. Otherwise, concrete tables and chairs surrounding a concrete fire pit always make sense while looking incredible. A large concrete table in the backyard for serving dinner or party guests will get people talking as well. More simple solutions include installing concrete planters or pots in the backyard, or applying more subtle uses of concrete.

Assess The Walls and Add Concrete

At first thought, concrete walls may sound like a foreign concept in a residential home. You don’t have to replace all of your walls with concrete slabs, but a concrete accent wall can look beautiful. Installing an accent wall is relatively simple and can achieve incredible results. If you stain and style the wall with warm colors, then your home will really open up. Everyone that enters your home will notice this wall and remember it long after they’ve left the property.

Apply Some Concrete To The Kitchen…

Perhaps you want to improve the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. With concrete, you’ll take your kitchen’s look to the next level. Concrete countertops look great and may even be preferable over granite or marble. Such countertops require minimal effort to install and couldn’t be more versatile. You can easily make your countertops unique and fit your kitchen. Plus, an all-concrete island in the middle of larger kitchens may provide an unbeatable aesthetic that everyone loves using.

…Then Head Into The Bathroom

The bathroom is the perfect place to incorporate concrete into a home’s design. For some, a concrete vanity or sink might provide a subtle improvement to the room. Others may choose a more drastic change like stained concrete flooring or even a concrete tub or shower enclosement. You may want to utilize a mix of other building materials to keep the bathroom a warm and inviting location. For the bathroom, a subtle use of concrete often produces the best results.

Using Concrete As Smaller Decor Elements

You don’t have to make drastic changes to your home to take advantage of concrete. In reality, small decor elements with concrete can be differencemakers, too. A few accessories made from concrete like planters, soap dishes, and even steps often make sense. Subtle uses of concrete here and there can make your modern home look spectacular. Sure, larger projects may get people talking, but you’ll be just as happy with smaller changes in the right places.

In the end, you shouldn’t hesitate to incorporate concrete into your home today. Concrete Crib, a custom concrete specialist, recommends careful planning when making these changes. A DIY approach to concrete can prove difficult, as concrete is prone to cracking with inexperienced hands. These experts deal with countless concrete products and see many people make mistakes with a DIY approach. Nonetheless, you should consider concrete for your next home decor change or renovation project.