3 Activities That Help Kids Calm Down

There is nothing wrong with children getting emotional about things. Due to the lack of complex response, throwing a tantrum, getting anxious, crying, and other similar behaviors are how kids ask for attention or direct you to their specific needs.

While getting anxious is a natural part of being a child, being anxious most of the time is still not healthy. Children must also learn to develop a way to calm down – with your help, of course. These three activities we are going to discuss in this article are great things to try.

A Hug

The simplest way to get kids to calm down is by hugging them. This is a method that you can use from an early age. A hug gives kids the warmth they need to return to a calm and composed state. Add your soothing voice and touches to the hug, and you have a great recipe for calming your children.

The hug that has the ability to calm children works like a complex dance routine. You place your arms around your child and pull the kid closer. You then arrange your breathing to match theirs. Say a few words to let your child know that things are going to be okay, and that the two of you can find a solution to whatever problem you face at the time.

The synchronized breathing is incredibly calming. It naturally helps children feel protected and safe, which in turn will lower their anxiety level. Children that are used to receiving a hug when they are anxious are also less likely to develop worse attitude problems down the line.

Play with Orbeez

Orbeez is a toy that lets kids interact with soft and exciting water beads. The toy itself is designed to be one of those toys that grow in water, so children can be involved in the process of getting Orbeez ready from the start.

There is something about letting the hands play with Orbeez that is incredibly calming. Even you will start turning to Orbeez every time you feel nervous about something; it is THAT good. Kids will also love the variety of colors that come with the basic kit.

Orbeez can even be used as a water beads spa. A common set of 1,500 Orbeez is enough to put hands or feet in entirely. Bigger kits that the kids can literally jump into are also available. Thanks to its affordable price, you can choose to buy multiple sets without breaking the bank.

Share a Laugh

Orbeez are incredibly fun to play with your children, and the laughs you share with the kids along the way are just as soothing as the water beads. In fact, you can share the experience of watching funny videos, memes, or cartoons – anything that makes you and the children laugh – to calm them down.

Laughing offsets the negative energy that makes kids anxious in the first place. Once that negative energy is out of the equation, they can convey what they need better. In the end, you’ll be able to help them solve their problems more effectively when they are calm.