Business Lunch

It is a challenging task trying to run a business and be a mom simultaneously, however, women globally are proving its possible every single day. Keeping your business running as a mom requires lots of multi-tasking as well as staying organized. From time to time, you may need to organize a business lunch for decision makers, prospective stakeholders and partners for your organization. It can be a daunting task if the meal itself is to launch into bigger things, such as landing a huge business deal or securing investment for important projects. However, there are ways to organize a flawless, and faultless, business lunch that’ll impress your boss, your co-workers and any business giants you’ve invited along the way.

Keep Your Guest List Short

When it comes to organizing meetings, events or lunches, the fewer people that you invite, the less you’re likely to spend. If you’re on a budget, look at your businesses finances and determine how much you can afford to spend. That should be the determining factor in regard to how many people that you end up inviting. In this light, seeing as you have a limited number of invites, try and stick to inviting key people only and let these people know that you have a limited number of spaces for the meeting to avoid uninvited guests. When inviting people for lunch, you should also ensure that you get the invitation right. This means being conscious of the people you’re inviting and their positions as well as the time andlocation of the event.  If you’re inviting your own employees, just put it on the calendar of a HR software like Cezanne HR, and they should get the notification and see that the event is happening.

Choose an Affordable Place to Eat

When choosing a venue for the lunch, you should try and avoid overly expensive restaurants if you’re truly out to save money. Your primary goal should be to choose somewhere with a nice ambiance, that delivers good service, and also has a variety of food to meet people’s different preferences. You can look for affordable restaurants by using apps or checking online. You should also consider keeping it simple where appropriate and holding lunch at a café or coffee shop if it’s suitable. If you decide that you want to eliminate going out to eat altogether, you could opt for corporate event catering instead. You may find that this is a cheaper alternative than hosting a lunch at a restaurant and footing the bill.

Get an Affordable Venue

In reference to the last point, opting to use a catering service would mean that you’d need to provide your own venue. You could decide to use a conference room in your office if you have one as a means of cutting costs. If you don’t have an office, consider renting a conference room for a couple of hours. You should make sure that the place that you choose allows eating if you’re hiring catering services. Overall, one of the most important things in a business lunch is that you can sit and talk comfortably.

Organizing a lunch for your business doesn’t have to be an overly stressful task neither does it need to be financially exorbitant. By keeping it intimate and simple, you should find that you can talk business while surrounded by good food and company. The goal of any business meeting should be to make contacts, forge new relationships, or further develop existing ones. For this reason, organizing a business lunch on a budget should be something you practice regularly.