There is a big difference between a random house and your own home. When you’re at home, you should feel comfortable and be able to relax. That’s why people who travel the world claim that nothing compares to home. No matter how imperfect or mismatched your home is, there is no better place on earth to call home. The modern world makes people get rid of their old belongings and adopt a minimal lifestyle. While it’s good to eliminate clutter, sometimes the feeling or coziness disappears when your home becomes a “showroom.” Therefore, it is vital to find a balance and keep in mind how you’d like your home to look like. Pick a design that represents your personality and try to be original by avoiding decorating your place according to the latest trends. Once you do that, you’ll be able to feel at ease in your improved living space.

Display Your Favorite Artwork

In order to make your place feel more homely, you could put up photos of your loved ones, your favorite quotes or cute symbols that make you happy. This adds personality to your room and is easy to do. If you don’t want to drill holes in the wall or make such permanent additions, you could place those frames on the coffee table, on the bookshelves or just in key places of your room. Each time you see them, you’ll get a sense of coziness.

Add Layers and Textures

Even a plain and boring room can feel like a fresh and cozy cabin with soft textures and layers. All it takes to transform your bedroom into a perfect snuggly hideaway is a chunky knit or a soft to the touch throw. Nothing screams comfort more than a fluffy blanket that you can wrap around you while watching movies on the sofa. Seeing that there are so many types of blankets, it is important to know how to pick the best one for you. Consider the fabric, size and last but not least, the pattern.

Create a Cozy Glow

One of the most cost-effective and simple ways of making your home feel more comfortable is by adding a soft glow. In order to improve the mood, you need to avoid bright lights. Instead, opt for hues that add a soft glow. Hanging fairy lights is perfect for any living space, but if you’d rather prefer something more classy and elegant, then you can find a great diversity of tealights, candles or lighting fixtures on the market. On the other hand, DIY alternatives are just as effective.

Add Fresh Cut Flowers

Lastly, by adding fresh cut flowers, you are guaranteed to make any room of the house feel homier. The gorgeous look and subtle aroma will brighten your day each time you see the vase of flowers. On the other hand, try improving the air quality of your home by replacing the dirty filters in your furnace. Although this might not seem like a big change, it definitely helps a lot in this case.

These are just a few suggestions that everyone can easily incorporate into their home. You don’t have to make all of these changes at once. The key is to keep adding items to your home gradually.